25 Aug Here’s a zipped pdf of the new version of the Zachman Framework (with permission): ZFzip. An official version will be posted on. The thoughts expressed in this book are, in many senses, based the Zachman Framework. Figure shows the Zachman Framework (excluding the details ). 30 Aug You can download a PDF with the new framework from Ron Ross, and you can read a concise definition of the Zachman Framework on the.

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Now that we are in the Information Age, it is the Enterprise that is increasing framewogk complexity and the Enterprise that is changing.

The constraints of each perspective are additive. Written by Ronald G. The Zachman Framework training enabled me to fully understand the power of this framework the ontology.

It was the honor to have met and learned from the legendary John A. Many wide ranging examples to demonstrate why. The constraints of lower rows can, but do not necessarily affect the higher rows.

In addition to his professional activities, Mr.

Information, Knowledge, Systems Management, vol. The picture or model of the World map in Column 3, Row 1 Network is grossly inaccurate. The framework provides six different transformations of an abstract idea not increasing in detail, but transforming from six different perspectives.

While this would definitively be more accurate, and move The Zachman Framework out of competition with other EA “frameworks,” John prudently decided not to discard 40 years of momentum in the industry that the title of his Framework holds.

Processes based on ontological structure will be predictable and produce repeatable results for example, Chemistry, based on the Periodic Table. Whether you do Architecture or whether you simply build implementations that is, whether you build Primitive Models, the ontological, single-variable intersections between the Interrogatives and the Transformations or whether you simply build ad hoc, multi-variable, composite models made up of components of several Primitive Models.


He has spoken to many thousands of enterprise managers and information professionals on every continent. As soon as Enterprise Architects saw this label, they incorrectly assumed: This was also a serious problem, because many EAs were building Composite models and hard-binding multiple concepts together in their Architecture, rather than separating independent variables and then integrating the variables across each Row.

The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture Version 3 – Mike The Architect

When done by IT the lower level of focus is on information technologyhowever it can apply equally to physical material ball valves, piping, transformers, fuse boxes for example and the associated physical processes, roles, locations etc.

Because of the limitations of using single lines to create the cells of a matrix, much confusion frameqork to be perpetuated by this version stemming back to The Framework’s inception.

To discount Zachman and say that he is no longer relevant would be like dismissing Roman and Greek architecture and its relevance to contemporary building. Thus, in the long run, knowledge workers may gain extensive experience at assembling knowledge components to solve problems instead of actually creating the knowledge components themselves, an important consideration related to expertise development in knowledge intensive firms that tend to promote heavy use of Zachmaan.

Same great instructors, but with frsmework, content and pricing designed to meet the special needs of busy professionals.

No travel, no backlogs, no hassles. The “diamond” is a representation of a process a verb connecting two entities nounswhich violates the later developed fundamental Framework rule that cells can only contain primitive constructs, not composites i. It is significant to both the management of the enterprise, and the actors involved in the development of enterprise systems. John had been talking quite extensively that the fundamental concept of this Column deals with distribution of resources as opposed to node addresses on a network.


Nobody can deliver the same quality of lecture as John. It is the integration of answers to these questions that enables the comprehensive, composite description of complex ideas. The term Zachman Framework has multiple meanings.

Zachman Framework – Wikipedia

John Zachman recently announced a new version of his framework. The instantiated Enterprise is represented in Row 6 whereas Enterprise Architecture is comprised of Rows The Zachman Framework provides the thirty-six necessary categories for completely describing anything; especially cmpolex things like manufactured goods e.

I agree with the change entirely. The enthusiasm, energy and breadth of experience remain, as ever, zachmxn and mesmerising.

The Zachman Framework

The ontology is a two dimensional classification schema that reflects the intersection between two historical classifications. However, there is no escaping the Why column’s importance as it provides the business drivers for all the other columns. This framework is explained as, for example:.

The long-term impact of the use of KMS on lnirnaeg, innovation, and expertise development. These are not pure, primitive models.

Zachman Framework

Developed inthis graphic was a minor variation of the graphic from abovealso developed by Intervista Institute in Canada. In the s John Zachman had been involved at IBM in the development of business system planning BSPa method for analyzing, defining and designing an information architecture of organizations.

In addition, zachmaj colors of Rows 2 and 3 became inverted and purple was added to Row 5. If the assumptions are valid, then time and money are saved. It is my opinion that Enterprise Architecture is the determinant of survival in the Information Age.