12 Nov ➢UU No. 4 / tentang Pertambangan Mineral dan Batubara, Pasal. 5 ayat (1) . ➢Peraturan ➢Surat DirJen Minerba No. /30/DJB/ Data Coal Resources: billion tons + 40 billion tons (U/G) and Coal. As the New Mining Law (UU Minerba) No. 4/ came into effect in , more downstream processing activities for mining products are expected to increase. 25 Apr Uu minerba 4 1. LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA NUMBER 4 OF YEAR CONCERNING MINERAL AND COAL MINING.

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Search Scopus Scopus Cited. Pada uji beda untuk masing-masing model sebelum dan uu minerba 2014 UU Minerba, menunjukkan tidak adanya perbedaan yang signifikan. However, currently Indonesia still lacks sufficient smelting capacity. Namun, pemurnian di dalam negeri secara ekonomis merupakan pukulan bagi industri pertambangan. Financial distress merupakan kondisi dimana keuangan perusahaan sedang dalam keadaan tidak sehat.

Inflation June 3. Jakarta Composite Index 5, Analysts claim that small companies are closing, miners are being laid off, uu minerba 2014 many warn of minetba escalation in mineral smuggling. The interface can be extensively modified through Manakin Aspects and Themes.

In Whose Interest? Debating resource nationalism in Indonesia

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A more contentious argument is that resource nationalism in Indonesia is in fact driven by the rent seeking ambitions of uu minerba 2014 political elite. Conflicting claims over the control of extractive projects is a source of political tension in these regions.

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At best, such analysts frame resource nationalism as short-sighted, poor policy-making; uu minerba 2014 worst they see it as the work of corrupt, rent seeking government elites. Raras Cahyafitri et al. But do vested interests drive policies like the Mining Law, or do they hijack laws that were designed with uu of redistribution?

Their structural power and political influence uu minerba 2014 significant. Around 50 percent of total nickel imports to Japan originate from Indonesia. The largest gold mine and the third largest copper mine in the world.

Browsing Management – Bachelor by Subject “UU Minerba”

uu State officials also defend nationalist policies as a necessary step towards more just systems uu minerba 2014 rent distribution. So is resource nationalism in Indonesia driven principally by a logic of redistribution or a logic of vested interests?

Uu minerba 2014, these legal regimes are being reviewed and renegotiated by policy makers in a more confident economic environment. The main aim of the government is to boost value-added exports and revenues. Issues surrounding resource ownership get more electoral traction at the regional level.

Japan Turns to World Trade Organization over Indonesia’s Mineral Export Ban | Indonesia Investments

Lastly, the ban will burden the country’s already fragile trade balance due to the loss of export revenue, while imports rise as capital goods need to be imported to build smelters. Thus resource regionalismrather uu minerba 2014 resource nationalism, is probably a more potent electoral tool in Indonesia. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui perkembangan, prediksi, konsistensi, dan perbedaan model Altman, Springate, dan Zmijewski sebelum dan sesudah Undang-Undang Minerba.


Also foreign institutions are not in favor of the new law. Although the law was announced uu minerba 2014 and miners thus had five years to prepare smelting facilities, Indonesian miners were skeptical about the government’s commitment to the new law as there is a lack of consistent policy in Indonesian politics.

But smaller domestic companies, the media and, arguably, the general public, see the compromise as a concession to the very companies that the law originally targeted.

Yuliana, Annisa Universitas Widyatama Since regional autonomy and the decentralisation of natural resource governance in Indonesia, there has been an ongoing tug of war between district governments and central powers over resource rents. The government argues that these are needed if Indonesians are to prosper. The government argues that if Indonesians are to prosper, the country should no uu minerba 2014 export raw commodities to richer countries via multinational companies.

Uu minerba 2014 is certainly a strong ideational component to the rise of nationalism in Indonesia that deserves greater analytical attention. If resource nationalism in Indonesia uu minerba 2014 driven principally by the logic of redistribution, the story of the Mining Law tells us that ideology and ideas barely survive the amorphous world of Indonesian policy making.