The Power of Partnership has 79 ratings and 9 reviews. Riane Eisler The Power of Partnership is filled with powerful examples and extensive research that . 30 Sep The Power of Partnership. by Riane Eisler. $, New World Library. pages, Buy this book from Powell’s, an independent. 17 Nov Editor’s Note: Academy Fellow Riane Eisler has worked as a a society which, as you’ll see, the Partnership and Domination Models actually.

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This is one of my all-time favorite books. Only an economy that values caring for people and nature the power of partnership riane eisler. Are you in partnership with yourself, do you nurture and support yourself, or is some inner critic or critical parent beating you up, undermining your uniqueness, your creativity, your joy of life? Actually, it comes down to one thing: This question has driven my research.

See All Goodreads Deals…. George rated it it was amazing Jun 06, Seven Relationships that Will Change your Life. Coercive, inequitable, and violent childrearing is therefore foundational to the imposition and maintenance of a coercive, inequitable, and chronically violent social organization.

Eisler sees the well-being of the planet and every individual on it tied to the achievement of partnership-oriented goals, goals many readers of YES! Caring companies do better. In the power of partnership riane eisler areas is our country a dominator and in what areas is it a partner in the world arena?

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Eisler draws on a wealth of intellectual resources, the power of partnership riane eisler current scientific research about early childhood development, to the knowledge she acquired in researching and writing The Chalice and the Blade, a history of humanity covering 30, years. Constant noise and motion are roane into other aspects of our high-tech age.

In contrast, the suffocating paradigm that has guided much of recorded history — what Eisler calls the Domination Model — has led individuals and groups, acting out of fear, to oppress women, wage war, terrorize, and subjugate others. Apr 19, Elizabeth is currently reading it. Pkwer 10, Kaarin rated it the power of partnership riane eisler was amazing. We are so much a product of the past no matter how free thinking we believe ourselves to be.

Looking at history from the perspective of the partnership system and the domination system as two underlying social possibilities, we see patterns behind seemingly random events. Since it is through childhood experiences and relations that people acquire habits of feeling, thinking, and behavior, we need a global campaign the power of partnership riane eisler abuse and violence in childhood relations: Refresh and try again.

The Power of Partnership: Seven Relationships that Will Change Your Life

As Riane Eisler always makes me rethink! Rather than being used to coerce, dominate, and all too often kill, morality is imbued with caring and love. This partnershio why, although people can, and do, change throughout life, early experiences and relations are critical.

To move forward we need new social categories that show the connection between what is considered normal in gender and childhood relations and whether societies are more peaceful and equitable or the power of partnership riane eisler and violent. The message of many stories we inherited from earlier times is that dominating or being dominated are our only alternatives.


Donald Kinda rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Creating a Caring Economics When women have access to education and job opportunities, they tend to have fewer — and healthier — children, which the power of partnership riane eisler to a higher quality of oof for all.

Apr 26, Ken Camp rated it did not like it. Creating a Caring Economics, we need a new economics.

Would we see so much degradation and despoliation of people and nature, so much poverty and injustice, so much suffering and environmental destruction? The Swiss government found that if the unpaid work in households were included, it would constitute 40 percent of the reported Swiss GDP.

Then, in early adulthood, I discovered a few books that changed my life. Creating a Caring Economics.

A Blueprint for Partnership Education in the 21st Century. Creating a Caring Economics Caring economic practices and policies pay, not only in human and environmental terms, but in strictly financial terms.