5 Nov The book seems like an accurately written chronological account of the growth of Reliance Industries. The truth behind the success of a common man to build. The Polyester Prince: Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani. Whoa!! What a book!! Jam packed with facts, revelations, corporate drama, political dance, underworld deals. Dhirubhai and Kokilaben Ambani invited us to the wedding of their son Anil to . fine cotton textiles, it seemed that people couldn’t get enough polyester. .. and perhaps to a wider audience watching the explosive growth of capitalism across.

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Banning something ordinary, indeed gives it an aura of undeserved importance many a times.

The Polyester Prince – Wikipedia

Akshat Agrawal Certified Buyer 4 Feb, Read it if you understand that ‘Jealousy is the mark of respect in India’ These Indian publishers come across as duplicitous when they dhhirubhai talk of free expression—track records show that they are often the first to flee the battle field. Hamish takes us deep in the secretive, hidden, dirty, sticky areas of that field where the politics, business, media take sadistic pleasure.

An honest biography which details the meteoric rise of Ambani. A ban once invoked is therefore rarely revoked. McDonald recalled that journalist friends who went down to the court to obtain information for a story returned empty-handed.

The Indian edition ran into trouble. Since these institutions were not legally allowed to sell to private entities, the od process was seen as fraudulent. Want to Read saving…. Dhirubhai Riss was a man of guts, no doubt. Fascinating and inspiring biography of Dhirubhai Ambani. There are many reasons why this remains a classic case study.


Dynasty rule is taking Indian toll. The book talks abt a neat lil trick that Ambani used to make his company look healthy on paper and hence attractive to Investors.

Simply because of the fact that at few places this book becomes more a flight of fantasy which only a foreigner could have cooked up, visualizing the all embracing “jugaad” in context of India. Both of this needed huge funds.

If everything in this book is true, then it is extremely revealing. The fait accompli of its 25, tonne polyester lament yhe plant was retrospectively endorsed by raising the permitted capacity from the original 12, tonnes. Inthe cash-strapped Indian government had invited private sector participation in the oil and gas sector. This book discusses Ambani’s childhood, his upbringing and his journey to Yemen.

The Polyester Prince

One who accepted Reliance debentures for himself, and help in arranging bank finance to pay for them, was Amgani Jain, editor of the Times of India for much of the s. Moorjani, who died in Decemberheaded the All-India Crimpers Association from to and had been witness to the savage face-off over polyester control between Dhirubhai and Nusli Wadia, the Parsi businessman who owned Bombay Dyeing, a textiles brand from the Wadia Group.

So it is less of a bio, and more of a documentary on Reliances rise in Indian business scene.


But one has to have a large bowl of salt rady, while reading this. Hamish McDonald March 03, One is left with the feeling that the complex saga of the Ambani empire probably needed a better narration.

The Polyester Prince: Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani – Guruprasad’s Portal

View all 9 comments. The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani 3. How legal harassment by corporates is shackling reportage and undermining democracy in India.

Though there popyester conjectures that this was a result of the business war, no link was ever established. His story tells us how important friends and networking are.

The Polyester Prince: The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani

And wmbani as McDonald kept returning to Indonesia he had co-authored another book on that country in the interregnum: A small but steady stream of books continues to be brought into India from friends or relatives living abroad. He had the power to make or break a Govt. Ambani did it most effectively.

However, for netizens there is good news. Sadly, a lot of details wmbani unknown. His tenacity and copybook style of investigative journalism would go on to inspire and provoke others to work on long-form, narrative pieces of journalistic work.