The Fox and The Hound has ratings and 58 reviews. Rebecca said: To anyone else thinking of reading this, It’s not the Disney film most children grew. 24 Sep In a long, colorful life, Daniel P. Mannix worked as a sword swallower, a fire Initially, The Fox and the Hound starts out on what seems to be a. The Fox and the Hound [Daniel P. Mannix, John Schoenherr] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Animal story about a duel between two.

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The book starts with the hunting dog, Copper, as he and his master are enlisted by the police to find a missing man.

Just take my heart, rip it out and step on it, why don’t you? At the end is a dead body, and the scent of bear. Part of the reason was good old fashioned politics.

You may know him as Don Bluth. Even compared to all my other Disney source material read-throu A skilled hound relentlessly hunts. Same with the movie. Scents from cars and paved roads confuse and terrify the animals.

The book is the opposite of pretty much everything I just said. If you are looking for a cute little animal story, more like the Disney adaptation, then I would recommend looking else ware. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the rest tge the book, Tod is hunted and chased, his family is murdered twice, and the hunter tries to trap him, but he survives.

The Fox and The Hound

The animators and screenplay writers were primarily new, as were the film directors Art StevensTed Daniep, and Richard Rich. Notify me of new comments via email. Reitherman had his own ideas on the designs and layouts that should be used; however, the newer team backed Stevens, except Don Bluthwho felt Disney’s work was stale.

This book unlike the children’s adaptation by Disney, is by no means a children’s book. Big Mama and the others look on as the little cub is carried away into the house, moments before the local neighbourhood hunter, Amos, pulls up next door with a brand new hunting dog. Shields, American Canoe Association.


The Fox and the Hound

In the film and book Tod needs some help with his first romantic encounter, and luckily the vixen is already on board to make things easier.

To me it really showed how the life of a young fox or any animal that struggles against the threat of humanity may feel and live and revives some of the disgust I have in humanity I also felt like I was being suddenly preached to in the last 25 pages or so, which I just wasn’t expecting, and which I didn’t think was very fitting with the rest of the story.

Once the suburbs arrive, however, all this changes. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Master sees the dog escape and follows with Copper.

It’s so well written and I grew very attached to both, Tod and Copper, even though I was rooting for Tod. While a few events may seem similar, that is pretty much where the similarities end. In the Disney film, Tod and Copper are best friends but eventually realize they come from different worlds and go their separate ways. Like many other readers I have a pretty solid list in my head of my all time favorite books, and this one just caused an earthquake.

What do you think? Eventually he starts feeling his oats and runs off after the scent of a female in heat. Why can’t the ending be happy? This is how the bloodhound sees the hunt.

I probably know more about the movie because of the wikipedia synopsis I read than hounc I can remember. One morning, after Tod’s escape from the greyhounds, the Master sends Copper on the hunt. However; the similarities just about end at there danoel a fox called Tod, a dog called Copper, and a hunter trying to kill the fox. With the foxes now cornered or possibly dead, will the dog and his master do the deed?

However, the transition between the old guard and the new resulted in arguments over how to handle the film.


Jan 11, Favolaetavola rated it it was amazing. As I mentioned earlier, Tod ends up a womaniser, but fkx his Disney incarnation he is rather clueless the first time around.

Fox And The Hound Book In Antiquarian & Collectible Books for sale | eBay

Heavily modified from the source material, Disney’s The Fox and the Hound was released to theaters in July and became a box office success. One day, Tod comes across the Master’s house and discovers that his presence sends the chained pack of dogs into a frustrated frenzy.

The beginning and middle are at times very plodding and I had to skip over large parts containing Copper tracking Tod and the various sensory aspects associated with that. In January, Tod takes a new mate, with whom he has another litter of kits. It hoynd drag or get boring. The fox and the hound then exchange an exhausted but knowing smile before going their separate ways. It also p.mannkx home the importance of loyalty and tolerance, as long as those societal rules are adhered to.

Robert Ramsey of the Placerville, CaliforniaMountain Democrat thought the book worthy of winning the Dutton award, characterizing the narrative as “always interesting” and principal characters Tod and Copper as “unforgettable”, while praising Mannix’s “ability to enter into the world of animals and portray it”. They were well mated; the older, more experienced vixen to the powerful, enthusiastic young male in the full glory of his youthful prowess.

Bluth walked out, taking eleven others with him, and formed his own animation studio. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: