21 Jan Stream 07 Sampuran Rehraas Sahib Ji by Dharam Seva Records from desktop or your mobile device.

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We are releasing this album so people can become familiar with the Banis. The reason why I am only looking for pdf is that I have these banis loaded on my mobile phone and unlike computer i dont know how to install punjabi fonts on phone: Vaheguroo jee ka khalsa Vaheguroo jee kee fateh.

It should be the objective of the person who obtains this release to be able to recite these Banis using a Gutka Sahib. Please update us when you have website up and running. On the flip side one might argue and this is my observation too that even Amritdhari Singhs tend to learn either towards beer ras kshatriya or adhyatamik ras brahman.

By swhib Started 12 hours ago.

Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer. Ardas should be performed by one to Akaal Purakh there is not a need for a middle man unless one cannot perform the ardas themselves. Words Of Akaal Daily Nitnem sampura We urge anybody who obtains a copy of these divine Shabads to treat these with utmost sanctity and respect. Sign Gehras Sign Up. Posted October 23, By mahandulai Started Tuesday at When hes using his kirpan to defend innocents he’s like Kshatriyawhen he sits in his shop to earnhe’s like Vaish, and saahib he does sewa in jodaghar and washing and dusting in gurdwara he’s like Shudra.

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Well, what do you think of this? If anyone has them on their computers, please share.

Did the Caste System Work well? Because when a Sikh is doing paathhe’s samluran a brahmin. Please download one of our supported browsers.

07 Sampuran Rehraas Sahib Ji by Dharam Seva Records | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Theres no truth about it. Posted August 23, And there was no shame in vedic times as such. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Tarli Digitals musical touches add beautiful mediational Natural sounds into the ambience for those who wish to meditate, listen and Do the Banis. Your current browser isn’t compatible with SoundCloud. Posted October 24, Posted April 6, Register a new account. How often we come across a Singh who’s valiant as a soldier and also as knowledgeable and spiritual fit like a sant.

No doubt we will make mistakes along the way we humbly request for forgiveness for any offence or mistakes. No one can say who is higher or lower. We don’t have the right to use such gaul despite out greatness. As such one might argue the compartmentalization of roles for a person is good.

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Yes the muslim has one eye and the hindi is blind making our 3rd path supreme, but Waheguru has other names such as Elohim, Allah, Ram, etc and as long as they worship The True Guru we can’t place them below us.

The CD will be available shortly and this release will also have a free download online shortly. This may be better if you want them for your phone Some people are inclined to spiritual pursuitssome to armysome to business and some shib service. Sign in Already have an account?