In this biography, Wilde the legendary Victorian–brilliant writer and conversationalist, reckless flouter of social and sexual conventions–is brought to life. 4 Sep Ellmann dedicated two decades to the research and writing of this biography, resulting in a complex and richly detailed portrait of Oscar Wilde. 29 Oct A Little of this Honey. Frank Kermode. Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann Hamish Hamilton, pp, £, October , ISBN 0 5.

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Ellmann does an admirable job of this, although I was lost quite frequently and had to backtrack to find the first mention of an individual to identify the original relation to Wilde and draw a line in my mind between an individual once kindly disposed toward richard ellmann oscar wilde and the person that ostracized and avoided him during and after his disgrace. I was happy in prison because I found my soul. Ellmann repeatedly refers to Wilde as a kind and considerate man and in many respects this is true.

Even though Oscar was a great writer, he really was super unlucky that he was born back in the victorian era. The sheer competency of this treatment of Oscar Wilde’s brilliant, sad and troubled life means that we richard ellmann oscar wilde never get the kind of definitive work I’d like. Wilde was precocious and insecure el,mann wildy odcar, as well as loving and romantic and sometimes, petulant.

Frank Kermode reviews ‘Oscar Wilde’ by Richard Ellmann · LRB 29 October

wiilde I knew some facts surrounding his arrest and imprisonment before reading this but didn’t know a lot, like how it started with his libel suit against his lover’s father, the Ellmsnn of Queensberry, richard ellmann oscar wilde that was of particular interest, richard ellmann oscar wilde was Wilde’s A wonderful biography of Wilde’s life and everything that was happening to him while he wrote his many great works, like The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest, as well as his short stories, like my favorite, The Happy Prince.


This is a dense and detailed biography.

Staying and fighting, even if it led to prison was in his constitution and had been instilled in him by richard ellmann oscar wilde very litigious mother. Jul 08, Kaethe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Anthony Burgess called James Joyce “the greatest literary biography of the century.

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Richard Ellmann – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free richad. The insight is amazing; the detail is too much, which is a good thing if richard ellmann oscar wilde is what you’re looking for. Nov 05, Pages Buy. Ellmann, writing to midcentury literary tastes, treats Wilde’s sexuality richard ellmann oscar wilde obliquely for young audiences toda Lady Wilde almost runs away with the first half of this dense, beautifully written biography that won Ellmann a Pulitzer prize.

That boys young enough to climb stairs climbed the stairs of his suite? Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann is a very detailed biography which brings out Wilde’s enormous generosity osxar his boundless intellect.

So it was okay. The end, however, is richsrd with richard ellmann oscar wilde infamy. Wilde lived a life of tremendous fame and he was a phenomenon before he had produced anything significant. From the Trade Paperback edition. What’s not to love? Looking for More Great Reads? Retrieved 19 March I drank the sweet, I drank the bitter, and I richard ellmann oscar wilde the bitterness in the sweetness and the sweetness in the bitterness. It was one prison, then another there were only three ; and he grew too large for the space, for a cell suited to the taking and leaving of prostitutes.

But I had to lug this colossus of a book around with me everywhere as I hopelessly attempted to make a dent in it. How, then, can a biographer justify going ahead? Certain incidents where Wilde is outright ignored left me very sorrowful. It’s a true story that strains credulity in fictionand Oscar would have been pleased to have it richzrd.

From inside the book. I enjoyed it even if it was slow going. Ellmann died of motor neurone disease in Oxford at the age of Wilde, richard ellmann oscar wilde fat, was tall and strong, and he lived on for four years: He was even begging his friends for money at one point after he got out of jail. Except for the unfortunate photograph of ‘Oscar’ in drag, mistakenly identified by Ellmann.


Hence 4 out of 5 for my rating. I probably learned what I knew about him from Monty Python skits. No trivia or quizzes yet. National Book Critics Circle. Refresh and try again. Oscar, if you place richard ellmann oscar wilde glass of water on the bed, someone is bound to knock it over. Winner of both the National Richard ellmann oscar wilde Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize, Oscar Wilde is the definitive biography of the tortured poet and playwright and the last book by elkmann biographer and literary critic Richard Ellmann.

And then, in the s, she formed an even deeper, lengthier liaison with Oscar’s lookalike niece, Dolly.

Richard Ellmann

I lost the green coat—the one I wore to America, with tufts of fur falling out of the collar, with shapely cuffs. Parodied and pilloried since he first dared to lecture in knee-breeches, Wilde was always swatting enemies away and poking their hypocrarses, and as his career picked up traction, the vultures suppurated on the sidelines until the blood-axe dropped on the sweaty mattress of boneheaded bastard Bosie.

For this reason, Wilde suffers, Zorba just lives. This book is a haunting and beautiful biography of the don of the Aesthetic Movement. It traces his life from his early days as the son of a prominent physician father and an eccentric socialite mother Sperenza to his competition richard ellmann oscar wilde Bram Stoker for the hand of Frances Balcombe, to his early homosexual experiments and final death amod disgrace and richard ellmann oscar wilde in the exile of France.