nine hand mudras on paper, in his work published around the 3rd century AC. to acquire strength, control, healing powe. 18 Apr Qi-Gong and Kuji-In has 5 ratings and 0 reviews. Qi is energy in its manifested form, and Gong is the practical method of application. Therefore. Qi is energy in its manifested form, and Gong is the practical method of application. Therefore, Qi-Gong methods are the techniques using the flow of energy.

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Qi-Gong and Kuji-In

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The Sha focus point is over the thymus gland, in the middle of the sternum, just below the manubrium or approximately on the horizontal line between the arm pits.

The middle and ring fingers are intertwined inward with the finger tips touching. Follow numbers 1 through 8 along the path and memorize those steps.

Arrange your environment so that it is peaceful.

Kuji-In 1, Qi-Gong and Kuji-In : A Practical Guide to an Oriental Esoteric Experience –

If you seek power, it will take much more time for the effects to manifest, and they will not be as impressive. We wish to develop and accumulate Qi because it is easy to use and because it offers us the widest range of applications. There’s some very interesting information in this book that doesn’t seem to be available elsewhere, and it’s clearly explained. By developing an attitude of consistent praise, you can form a relationship with the Elements of Creation.

In the alternate position, the index fingers are extended instead. The Zen focus point is the open expanse of the heavens. Francois Lepine April 18, Language: Sympathy, the alleviating of hardships, the seeking of love, beauty and song are some influences that people from that realm possess. People who viewed this item also viewed.


Have one to sell? Touch your right thumb and your left middle finger, and notice the sea shell shape. RIN mudra The RIN hand seal binds all fingers together except for the middle fingers, which is the fingers of experiences and events. In time, the practice of the technique will automatically put you in a state of relaxation and inner awareness, most of the time at the cost of a lesser awareness of the surroundings.

This forms a basis for the power of manifestation. This does not need to be hard. You will now use the Reversed Breathing technique. If the intent is pure and selfless, the manifested results will be accordingly positive and powerful. The Earth Element brings stability and strength. Wnd your body as an almost inflexible rock.

Compassion can prevent painful lessons from occurring; then again it will also prevent the lesson from being received. The Swimming Dragon Anr technique, which is just one of many techniques described here, can be learned much more easily from the Swimming Dragon VHS video tape by T.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The techniques migrated from China and Tibet to Qigonh. Thus we find that energy will manifest in your body in many ways.

Qi-Gong and Kuji-In: A Practical Guide to an Oriental Esoteric Experience (Kuji-in Trilogy)

In the Transformational Approach, the RIN mudra keeps the bent fingers outside the hand, which means we are focusing on affirming our self-trust and faith. At this juncture it is – 76 – best that you begin with the first set again and re-climb the ladder.

For example, people who use pain killers heal slower than those who do not, since feeling pain continually attracts our attention to the hindered area. Practicing Kuji-In as it is presented here will support and enhance every action you take in life. The 1st seal generates great physical and mental strength.

Begin to visualize drawing white light down from the Heavens, entering the top of your head until it fills your entire body. Mudra, mantra and mandala: Physiologically, they are two types of glands. Qiong more Read less.


Kuji-In: 9 Seals of Spiritual Power

Its nature is to be grounded, stable, and solidly in contact. As you breathe out, the energy remains in your lower abdomen and becomes a ball of light. Self-trust is the key to success in everything. Breathe in Life in the form of white light, through the middle of your palms, the middle of the base of your feet, and ij top of your head.

Little information about Shen is available to the average person. Men should have their left palm inside, touching their Dan-tian, with their right palm over their left. In addition, there are other disciplines that specifically address the kundalini and the chakra energies.

Do not move on to the anc set until you are comfortable with the three parts of the first set: Spiritual mudras have a broad range of elevating effects that can enhance annd psychic abilities, help you forgive, reduce anger, raise your energy level, etc.

With a strong jn, heart and body, you may advance on the evolutionary path with confidence. You will breathe deeply and softly. You may add the Kanji to your visualization. Of course, the visualization itself will have a subtle reference to the philosophical concept held in mind.

Form your hands into the shape of the mudra, and as you breathe, visualize the colors and focus on the related Chakra. Being courageous has nothing to do with living without fear; courage is acting without paying attention to your present fears.