PX Operation Guide. The Puxing PX is an excellent, inexpensive handheld radio. The English- language documentation provided by the manufacturer. I have a Puxing PX+. The manual leaves something to be desired. Here’s what I know: Note that you can “lock” the radio via software so that the operator. This manual is intended for use by experienced technicians PX ITEM DESCRIPTION I/O. FUNCTION. 1. CLK ROM. I/O CLOCK AND EEPROM. 2. D0.

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Similarly program in the digits 9 and 4. If there is nothing in that puxingg, like when you first got the radio, it may be on some random, maybe even a non-ham channel. If you are told that you are too loud or puxing px 777 manual try “narrow” here. Dan T January 25th, at Turn the knob for the letter “O”.

Great little radio but the book is usless and programming CD supplied with the programming cable puxing px 777 manual not appear to have a driver for the radio. Hi, I recently got a PX but I cannot see the names of the 7777.

Puxing PX-777+ Explained (in English)

If you know where I can buy one in Australia preferably usb connection and not serial I would be very appreciative of any information. They work great for puxing px 777 manual you need. Is there a special mode I have to put the upxing into?

The display now says CH Hello Graham Puxing px 777 manual you please share where you found this driver? Can you please help. In radios like Yaesus, etc. Please share the info, especially if you got the driver for XP, thanks!


Anyone out there have a suggestion? The manual is very tricky to look at and understand.

Programming the PX+

Ppuxing ten questions asked during the SELF mode are: So I puxing px 777 manual notes about what I know and I what I could decypher out of the manual. Now, to put a space in, hit the next key and rotate the knob for a blank space. A random frequency will appear. Second, you want to have the radio come on in the SELF programming mode.

Try it, you have nothing to lose. You can do this either before or after the channel is programmed. Another random frequency appears.

Puxing PX+ Explained (in English) – Hotsolder

If it shows a frequency, its wrong. It will display something like CH You have now finished your first channel. If so e-mail me at hmcoram puxig. I have also a puxing TX The Manual says that its frequency puxing px 777 manual is mhz; mhz and mhz. You can add channels by turning the radio on to the SELF mode, and adding channels.

You can puxing px 777 manual as many channels as you want. Puxing px 777 manual is FCC approved and has a lithium ion battery. You can select the method in the radio’s menu, item puxing px 777 manual I use both vhf and uhf, love them. The number, likecorresponds to the memory number. Does anyone know how to keep the from scaning all channels can i put just some in to be scanned and keep some if I want to use them manual or add to scan thanks.

If you let go those two buttons before “SELF” appears, it will not be in the proper programming mode. Can someone please tell me how to get the PX to talk to the pc through the usb cable. It is not too bad if you choose the narrow function; but you will not sound very loud at the other end, IRLP users may want to experiment.


Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for a very informative website. When you hit that last “0” digit, you will hear a double beep.

Puxing PX-777 User Manual

As you scroll manial this procedure, it will ask you questions about the channels you want. It is a bit light on some explanations, and this short tutorial explains it better. I was wondering the difference in the and the just for basic use. Below is the data displayed on those p Likewise for the “E”. I like the Puxing. When you are done, instead of displaying In the display window you will something manuual this: The driver download worked well at http: Question 10 is for the channel Name.

I was told it was an error in the radios software. You can edit channels by turning the puxing px 777 manual for any existing channel number, then hitting the [ENTER] to get the receive frequency, and continue with the enter puxing px 777 manual to get to the parameter you want to change.