13 Feb Commissioner under section 10 of the Punjab Land Revenue Act, (XVII of );. (c) “Assistant Director Land Records” means an. Punjab Land Revenue Act, , Power of Board of Revenue to make rules for demarcation of boundaries and APPEAL, REVENUE AND REVISION. Law Vision is one of the Projects Launched by the LAWVISION. This Site has in- fact opened the door for actual Comprehensive Laws and legal services on the.

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Provided that before passing final order he shall give fifteen days notice to the person likely to be affected by such order for affording him an opportunity of being heard.

Ordinance XXIX of Control over such officers and appeals from and revision of their decrees and orders. 167 for payment in full. Stay of proceedings and execution of order and decrees. Certified account to be evidence as to arrear.


Punjab Land Revenue Act, | Law Vision Ultimate Law Resources: Database for lawyers

Districts be divided into Sub-Divisions. Revenue survey may be introduced by Board of Revenue in any part of Province. Procedure on admission of application. Mode of payment of movable property when sale is subject to confirmation.

S ee Section Record-of-rights and documents included therein. Disposal of other questions. Prevention of encroachment upon common lands.

Assessment to remain in force till new assessment takes effect. Processes for recovery of arrears.

Rights of Government in mines and minerals. Making of that part of periodical records which relates to land-owners. Power to make rules. Assessment of land revenue. Province to be divided into Divisions and Districts. Proceedings against other punmab property punjab land revenue act 1967 defaulter. Record-of-rights and periodical records for groups of estates. Act VI of Powers to make rules as to procedure.

The Punjab Land Revenue Act,

Disposal of questions as to title in the property to be divided. Restriction on Revenue Officers bidding at auctions or engaging in trade. Rights of Government and presumptions. Restrictions on attachment or assignment of remuneration of Village Officers.


Distress and sale of movable property and crops. Provided that land shall not be sold for the recovery of—. Power of fix boundary between riverain estates.

Competitive Examinations Helping Community

Distribution of the assessment of an estate over the holdings comprised therein. Charges for recovery of dues, other than Provincial dues, as arrears of land-revenue.

Landd of destruction or removal of or injury to boundary or survey marks.