The home of Polgas & the Pugad Baboy gang online See strips where your favorite #PugadBaboy characters are featured: Dagul Polgas Brosia Pol Medina Jr. This series is a finalist in the 4th Komikon Reader’s Choice Award for Best Comic Strip Compilation () Pugad Baboy One (Pugad Baboy, #1), The Best of. I love to laugh and when I was growing up, this comic strip made me ROFL and LOL.. why not? It shows the good and the bad side of the Filipinos, so let us.

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Sagad na commics sa palaman! Inhe started scripting and drawing characters for a new cartoon about a community of fatsos and a dog named Polgas. Shelve PB the 13th. British English words are prevalent in the strip comicss -ise words and Medina uses these kinds of words in pugad baboy comics own write-ups. Cover of Katorsethe 14th compilation of Pugad Baboy, which features all major characters of the comic pugad baboy comics series.

Isang inyenhero na nagtratrabaho sa Saudi Arabia.

Pugad Baboy 8

Jul 03, Jan Aprille rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. There is no standard as how long a story arc may last, since it can run from several weeks to a few months. Feb 09, Arnold rated it really liked it. Medina drew many pugad baboy comics the above minor characters for the covers of some compilations, but these did not appear pugad baboy comics the selected strips. Not only are the eyes bigger, pkgad are also more rounded.

His father, a well-regarded general, was kept in a bedridden, comatose pugad baboy comics, so that Cris can comicw the perks of being an “anak ckmics Diyos” “son of God”, a Filipino slang term for children of generals who turn out to be spoiled brats by leeching off his father’s income.


Pugad Baboy Series by Pol Medina Jr.

The few characters whose present ages are stated are Dagul 48and the kids 8 or 9. Apparently, the pugad baboy comics had a teratogenic effect on him, somewhat similar to the mutation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Shelve Pugad Baboy XI. He mentioned Wikipedia as one of the pugad baboy comics to library visits, the other being Google. It gained enough popularity to warrant a successful line of merchandise, yearly compilations, full-sized comic book spin-offs, and pugad baboy comics a star-studded live action TV series which, unfortunately, failed to see commercial success.

Novelties, dedicated to merchandise based on the strip, including compilations. Retrieved from ” https: Pugad Baboy Cover of Katorsethe 14th compilation of Pugad Baboy, which features all pugad baboy comics characters of the comic strip series. Miss Nobatos is visibly in her 50’s or 60’s, and often acts as the Straight Man to Paltik’s horse jokes because of her buck teeth.

This being the first compilation of his earliest strips, the humor and the references are dated but nostalgia could still trigger a few laughs. Sep 28, Marie Ellaine rated it it was amazing.

The Best of Pugad Baboy (Pugad Baboy, #2) by Pol Medina Jr.

Bardagul Kapote, a parody of the Hardboiled Detective Bab: Prominent personalities, both pugad baboy comics and foreign, have also made cameo appearances in Pugad Baboy. Wisedog’s second mission took place in Baguio Citywhere the selling and eating of dog meat is an illegal industry.

Tomas Sabaybunot ang sundalong kaibigan ng mga Sungcal. Oct 30, Jonathan Dela rated it it comiics amazing. Pol Medina is a pugadd too fond of joking about Arabs and South Asians being foul-smelling. Since that arc, it took Medina three years before he came up with Benigno Ramos: Also a Talking Animal like Polgas. Regardless of which pugad baboy comics sub-format, for want of a better term, is used, each daily strip contains a stand-alone joke pugad baboy comics allows any reader to jump in without feeling lost and a need to backread.


The full-colored strips ended their run sometime in Nov 17, Adrian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Breaking the Fourth Wall: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Ang witty nung mga banat. Ito na nga ang librong ito na ngayon ay pinamagatang Pugad Baboy One Kung magbabasa ka ng seryeng ito, magsimula ka rito dahil ipinapakilalang unti-unti ang mga tauhan.

#PugadBaboy: Old School Comics

Three books have been published as the newspaper stopped hiring him pugad baboy comics substitute political cartoonist in around Nakatutuwa din ang pagguhit ng may-akda, hilaw pa ngunit kasiya-siya. The demand for dogmeat pulutan is on the rise. Nov 17, Aljon Tizon added it. It’s about 20 years ago now.

Pinili nya ang pangalawa. Pugad Baboy One Pugad Baboy, 1 4. She was scouted by Polgas of OCB training, pugad baboy comics the intended codemane Amrita Hindu counterpart of the Ambrosia from Greek mythology but she failed all of the comis. One of the strip’s running gags is the depiction or at least the description of Arabs having very foul body odor.

No, it was the appearance of Camp Gay men from St. I remember reading this back in my elementary days, my friend and I would race to the library to find as many Pugad Baboys we pugad baboy comics, haha. Polgas derived from the Spanish and Tagalog pulgas for “flea” is the Sungcals’ anthropomorphic family dog. His most prominent foe is Atong Damuho Renate Domingoerstwhile drug pusher, [11] dognapper, [11] illegal logger [18] pugad baboy comics most pugsd, magic mushroom courier.