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Even more impressively, it showed a new to me interpretation of the functions of the state and our political system. Mar marx para principiantes rius, Nayef AHindas added it. Though the author prlncipiantes thought highly of Marx and socialist government structures, he wasn’t really able to give me a convincing argument that Marx’s ideas were the catalyst for communism.

This is a review of all the “Introducing To further help you along, Rius provides a pretty impressive little glossary of terms at the end and offers a few suggestions on the subject of further reading marx para principiantes rius those who would like to pursue the marx para principiantes rius further. My major problems with the book lie in the fact that complexities are not well dealt with by the book. Still, for those who are looking for either a summary, or an introduction, this would be a good place to start with.

By using our website princpiantes agree to our use of cookies. Overall, it was pretty good. Rius includes good short summaries of a number of other 19th century philosophers whose writing and ideas often seem more accessible.


And yet Engels still implies in his credos that prostitution is wrong; at least for capitalists.

Some of jarx content was a bit hard to understand not the author’s faultbut it made it hard to want to keep reading at a few points. Fire and Fury Michael Wolff.

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Christianity is not Religious in this sense of the word. Once these priests began marx para principiantes rius the bible they found it necessary and biblical to translate the holy scripture for the “masses”. I basically knew nothing about Riue Marx and not much about communism before reading it.

Man’s Search for Meaning Viktor E. But to marx para principiantes rius end, when it came to Communist Manifest it all became philosophical, became harder but I do think that there is no other way to comprehend this. Being neutral takes more pages, but I would marx para principiantes rius at least liked to see the acknowledgement of counterarguments.

Heart of Oak Tristan Jones. Aug 23, Libby Nusz rated it really liked it. I never thought that comics could provide me with so much information in a short time. I came away feeling that I understood certain currents in philosophy better, particularly political philosophy.

I might point out the fact that I personally detest Marx with a passion; the man indirectly caused more trouble than any other individual in history. The Ted Talk of books.


It gives a pretty good summary of philosophical thought up until Marx as well to show where he was coming from when he developed his manifesto. Eichmann in Jerusalem Hannah Arendt. It held my attention, though, which is rare for nonfiction in general. Marx para principiantes rius Contact Us Pirncipiantes Free delivery worldwide.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It’s written in marx para principiantes rius book form and while I hate comic books it’s principiantea reader friendly and does a great job of marx para principiantes rius Marx very accessible. Marx for Beginners 3. It almost seems as if followers must have built him up to be more than he really was. A simplified and nice introduction to Marx and his thought. I believe that this book is very simple to read and does the best job possible to explain the basics of marxism to people new to the topic or idiots like me.

You can tell he took alot of time to actually study Marx, and that he actually had a fe When I first read this book, at first I honestly could not tell if the author was for or against Marxism, it seemed unbiased to me.