LEGO Super Car Set Instructions Viewer. If you’ve lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are the full building . Set Number, Item No, BOID, Year Released, Instructions Pages, Instructions Booklets, 1. In 3 Wishlists. Super cool Boba Fett illustration courtesy of Mike Crowley (http://www. .com ยท Home | LEGO | TECHNIC | – Super Car | Instructions.

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You’ve kept the old tradition of putting more than one part on a page. Posted August 16, Hull – the main frame is finished with significant changes that I made in order to avoid of liftarms or axles bending – Doors – no Thanks a lot – this is a real supercar as in the good old days of lego where form follows function and not vice versa.

Great to see instructions for this epic build! Posted Lebo 16, edited. Here is a short summary of a current progress: First snow, in the UK? Attika was kind enough to assist me and he has given the critical help I needed to do it.

Thank you, I’ll look after the problem. We are doing the last touches, but I don’t wanna make empty promises.



Your “Tribute Model” is the perfect link between both eras. Wanting to build it. Insrtuctions close to give up with it and would like to share my results that may by useful for you. Yep, the partlist what was posted recently is the final. BI coming this evening. Posted December 13, Posted December 12, edited.

Instructions for 8880-1 – Super Car

You are a perfectionist, don’t forget that. Steinbeisserheld, Thanks for your comments and very eloquent I might add.

She is doing a great job. My original design contains some “illegal” connections as it was discussed earlier in the topic. Sign in Already have an account?

LEGO Super Car Set Instructions Viewer | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

So i salute you. Hi, I’m glad for your interest and don’t give up waiting for the instructions, however I wouldn’t go so far to define “soon”. Posted December 11, Indtructions this phenomena in ihstructions enviroment is a heck of a challenge that requires a lot of work from maniac. The LDR was converted by “Stud.

Posted July 11, edited. This has been on my to do list for a while now. I am now learning to bend dynamic parts.

Sign In Sign Up. There is much in the chassis that is not visible from the pictures. I’ve been admiring this Attika “Tribute ” for a long time.


OK folks here is the bill of materials, with parts. Lately I’m a bit busy and that is combined with the mess of moving house right now.

Those are the reasons I took on this project to make the building instructions. Yep, hard to forget a troublemaker like him. Posted December instguctions, edited. I hope I can figure out how Attika did it. Edited December 18, by maniac BOM correction. Do as you wish with this kego. Edited December 14, by musicmu. I have been waiting for the instructions to be built.

It must have been time-consuming, thanks maniac and Attika for the effort you have put into this. So, you”l have to imagine then 88880 properly. You first build it, then praise it. Sorry for keeping you waiting. Especially because the was the last Set i bought before my “Dark Ages” came until i came back to Lego-Technic in this year.