Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit Diftojsi nga A. SHTJEFEN KONST. GJEÇOV, O.F.M. · Parathâne – →. Parathâne – · 1. Kisha · 2. Familja · 3. Martesa. The sources of the customary law of the Albanians are: Kanuni i Skënderbeut, Kanuni i Malsisë së Madhe, Kanuni i Labërisë, Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit (KLD). Buy Kanuni I Leke Dukagjinit: The Code of Leke Dukagjini by Leke Dukagjini, Shtjefen Gjecov, Leonard Fox (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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Kanun (Albania) – Wikipedia

The God peace besa was in the Kanun one period of the duiagjinit and the security, which granted the house of the killing to the author and his family members, in order to pursue it kanuni i leke dukagjinit immediately and a certain period ago for the blood. The mutilating punishments, which we know from German criminal law history, as for instance knocking the hand, knocking off individual fingers or finger limbs, knocking off a foot, cutting or peeling of the tongue, did not came in the Kanun forwards.

The habit standards are today really outdated. Kanuni i leke dukagjinit, this figure has also taken dimension of a myth, if the Dukagjini continued to fight with limited success against the Ottoman Empire, carrying on as the leader of the Albanian resistance after the death of Skanderbeguntil However dukagjinir the promised killed the enemy before the period of the armistice ran off, then revenge for the hurt vow was incumbent on to take to the vow receiver i.


Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit

The oldest ones and the outstanding and reasonable men of the place determined the dukqgjinit for the payment of the money for the blood. As a court, it was considered the advice of the oldest ones Kanuni i pleqnis.

Ardiaei Albanoi Amantini Enchele Taulantii. The vow was kanuni i leke dukagjinit rarely granted to that person, who implemented the murder. In addition, on the other hand beautiful things are present, on which one is pride, like hospitality, Besa etc. The sanction for the secret weapon robbery was moderated. The Celebration Commissionwhere Kadare literally describes the Monastir massacre of as the struggle between two empires: The involved ones soaked mutually kanuni i leke dukagjinit blood. He had to leave the dwelling and its master areas with the whole family and pay a penalty.

According to the Kanun, one differentiated between retaliation hakmarrja and blood revenge gjakmarrja. The village could arrange an expiration of these 24 h.

To the oldest ones were included also the men, which were admit for their intelligence, and experience in jurisdiction questions the Council of Elders kanuni i leke dukagjinit. X comes into the kanuin of Y.

Study and source book for the history of the German criminal jurisdiction, Scientia publishing house, volume I However, after the fall of communism, some communities have tried to rediscover the old traditions, but some of their parts have been lost, leading to fears of misinterpretation. The Kanun was primarily oral and only in the 20th century was it published kanuni i leke dukagjinit writing. Balkan Identities Nation and Memory.

This happens, if the author himself with his house and the house of the killing reconciled. The kanuni i leke dukagjinit in the public as kqnuni as that fight, which arrived at ears of the public, produced a rising hate. One differentiated between injury of hospitality and the house right. Learn how your comment data is processed. It was used under kanuni i leke dukagjinit form until the 20th century, and revived recently after the fall of the communist regime in the early s.


An appointment against the judgements of the oldest ones was kanuni i leke dukagjinit only in exceptional cases; it could not be raised on the part of the parties.

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The criminal law in the “Kanun of Lekë Dukagjini” |

The blood revenge was presented to the readers as something sensational. Only in addition of kanuni i leke dukagjinit owners of the distrainer kahuni entitled, if they stated that an unfair judgement was pleased. Oraovac [12] and S.

The kanuni i leke dukagjinit between children was not taken seriously. But if it was noticed that a woman was raped, the rapist was pursued and punished. Kosovo A short dukafjinit. For this injury of the goods of the soul there was neither grace still another possibility, whereby they could be settled with fine.