Himu Ebong Harvard Ph. D. Boltu Bhai [Humayun Ahmed] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sorry!! There are no description about this. Uploaded 25 Moyurakkhir Tire by Humayun Ahmed Dekha Na Dekha by Humayun Ahmed. 24 Himu Ebong Harvard Ph.D. Boltu Bhai by Humayun Ahmed [] – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. story book by humayun ahmed.

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Himu and Harvard PhD Boltu Bhai

Boltu is staying at Hotel Sonargaon. The microbus will remain with us for ten days. Join from tomorrow morning. I revel in surprising others. He is harvzrd highly respected man. Tuturi is a name of a girl. He has a lost look in his eyes. When I see her next, I will tell her the meaning of her name. Even one could compose rhymes in honour of the Nut-Boltu brothers:.

Himu Ebong Harvard Phd Boltu Bhai – Pdf Bangla Book Download

I am looking for a publisher from outside Bangladesh to publish it. He is working on the God Particle now. Email required Address never made public. Notify me of new comments via email.


Brother Boltu is not looking like a distant person anymore.

I am a stark stranger to him but he is on an extreme familiarity mode when talking to me. They have an incessant flow of fresh ideas coming to their head. Boltu is not a bad name. He can be reached at fidahaq gmail. No need to inform her the meaning of her name. Ever seen a Harvard PhD?

Himu — after resurfacing into civilization from one of his many mysterious yet regular departures from it — is summoned by Aunt Majeda to deliver a few essentials to a Harvard PhD holder named Doctor Akhlakur Rahman Chowdhury aka Brother Boltu who is staying at a five-star hotel in Dhaka for the time being.

There is yet another type of female ghost named Shakchunni. Flute, bugle, bagpipe, trumpet for instance.

The more he researches in it, the more lost he gets.

You are trying to confuse me and you have succeeded in doing so to some extent already. In fact, I am holding my anger back with a lot of difficulty.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here One is named Nut, the other one Boltu. I am utterly enraged. You are one of the most dangerous types of people — he says keeping his calm.


Aunty was probably about to say a few more harsh words to me but luckily her mobile rang. Strike Boltu out and put my formal name there — Chowdhury Akhlakur Rahman.

Himu Ebong Harvard Phd Boltu Bhai

See the virtues of a simple name? I am so ashamed, I forgot your name. My head has zonked out hearing about ahmer Harvard PhD. Make sure you are not going to say anything frivolous to Boltu. Nobel Prize winners are looked at with deep suspicion in Bangladesh. What do you think of this plan of mine? I humajun to know the meaning of her name from her. She is looking amused and tense at the same time.

You can also address me as you, there is no problem. Flute, bugle, bagpipe, trumpet — all will belong to the futuri group.

His chief vocation in life now is to loiter in front of Girls Schools.