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The helical shape gives them the power to propagate forward from rotation alone – they are always rotating in an effort to screw themselves forward, but that peedskalnin only get them so far, especially when the air is not an ideal substance for this type of propulsion system. One cell alone does not amount to anything.

North and South Pole magnets make the lightning, in earth’s North hemisphere the South Pole magnets are going up and the North pole magnets are coming down in the same flash. When the coil begins to approach the middle of the U shape magnet and the currents begin to run then the magnets which are in the wire begin to slant, North Pole magnets pointing East the same as the coil’s wire end, where the North Pole magnet current came out and South Pole magnets pointing West the same as the coil’s wire end where the South Pole magnet current came out.

The reason I call the results of North and South Pole magnet’s.

Then you will know what the north and south pole individual magnets can do, and then you will know what electricity is. The Mafnetic electrons are very small parts of matter which come out of the cathode while the cathode is burned up or consumed in the vacuum tube.

The coil made this permanent magnet in the same way that the permanent magnets are making other permanent magnets. The only difference is that an atom has a small orbit, but the perpetual motion holder has a big orbit. It is my hope that you do.

Ed tells you exactly what magbetic stock to use, wire type and size, how many turns, dimensions, spool material, etc. For those that don’t know, Nathan B Stubblefield was an American inventor Now get the equipment. It is commonly known that the North pole of a magnet is only attracted to the South pole of another magnet if they are facing each other, because by definition.

The other people should save their money. Run South Pole magnet current in the wire end that points West, and North Pole magnet current in the wire end that points East. Then I can see chains of beads floating in the liquid in my eye. Put the wire one end East, the other West. You made magnetic currents in three different ways, but in principle they all were made exactly currrent the same way. It produces both Positive North and Negative South magnetic currentsand those two currents run according to natures design also.


The invention of an electron came by a tricky method in using electricity in a vacuum tube. The difference between the rubber magnet and the steel magnet is that the magnet in the rubber comes from the magnets that hold leedkalnin the rubber, and both North and South poles are in the same side of the rubber and the magnet poles are small and there are many of them close together, but in the steel bar the attracting magnet is not the magnet that holds together the steel, but the surplus magnets the circulating magnet that was put in it.

This time hold the wire up, and down, the lower end on middle of the copper wire, hold tight.

Leedskalnin’s Writings: MAGNETIC CURRENT

This experiment shows without any doubt that the North and South Pole individual magnets are running in the same direction as those in the copper wire, which came out of the car battery, and in both instances while the magnets are running ahead in whirling motion they used the right-hand twist.

Put two pieces on top of the copper wire, the ends just a little over the copper wire. Another way is to rub hard rubber until it gets hot, then it will be a temporary magnet. PMD demonstration with one coil. The helix is the only structure capable of fully demonstrating the observable behavior of magnetism and gravity.

Use copper wire first.

Here is how the electrons came into existence. North and South Pole magnets are not only holding together the earth and moon, but they are leedskalinn the earth around on its axis.

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For updated progress pictures and explanations of experiments with visual code plus much more Magnetic currents flow through metal easier then the air.

Now we see how the magnetic currents are made by the U shape magnet. When they run in the coil they are in bulk form. Now if you read one of my earlier posts I questioned similar markings on the walls at Rock Gate. Then you will notice sometimes the copper wire end pushes away the North Pole magnet, and sometimes it pulls it in and the same thing happens with South Pole magnet, and sometimes it does nothing.

If you stop in middle there will be an extra pole so it will disturb the magnet’s circulation. This means the steel magnet changed the magnet poles in the iron filings, and so they jumped away. Take them off, now you have two magnets, hang them up by middle in fine thread. Magnetic Motors and Generators.


The pattern seems to only be on one side of the rock from what I can see.

Millions of people all over edwardd world are being fooled by the non-existing electrons. If you had a permanent magnet that the coil you use in the electric magnet would go in between the prongs of it, then that would be good to demonstrate, but if you have not, then use the same one you have.

You can do better yet, join one end of the coil’s core ecward with the same metal, joining core with tube. I think all that nature needs is three things, the North and South pole magnets and the neutral particles. So if they are wrong then, they are also wrong now, and the one who is educated from the wrong books is not educated, he is misled.

You saw how the magnets are running through a wire crosswise. Every form of existence, whether it be rock tree or animal, has a beginning and an end, but the three things that all matter is constructed from has no beginning and no end. As you can see in my diagram this is complex experiment involving 2 batteries a vacuum and the results were labeled anode, cathode, and electron and proton. I think it would be a good idea if the physicists while testing radium on the photographic film for lfedskalnin rays, would put the radium on top of ewdard film, and for beta rays the radium under the film, and then watch the results, or go to the Southern Hemisphere and experiment in the some way as they are doing now, edwarc then notice if there is an difference.

Put the south pole magnet in the same place.

Cheap Flights to Florida. In the light bulbs the wire is so small that all magnets cannot pass through easily, so they heat the wire up and burn and make light. Hang one by middle with fine thread, and hang it up in East side of the room where there is no other magnet or metal around. At night time we only get those magnets that are coming down from other suns or stars, but in the day time we get them all.