Thread Modes. EC Mobile and wireless communication Question Bank ( kings edition). Sathish AKM Offline V+ Group – Premium Member. Part-A. 1. Give any four examples of wireless communication systems. 2. What is a base station? 3. List any four advantages of third generation (3G) mobile. EC Mobile and Wireless Communication Notes ECE 8th Semester Regulation Anna university. BE/B Tech Degree Examination. Department of.

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What is digital modulation? To make the students to know about the various modulation techniques, propagation methods, coding and multi access techniques used in the mobile communication.

What do you mean by Home network and Home address? Briefly explain the different types of Digital Modulation techniques. Various wireless network systems and standards are to be introduced. Explain in detail about Sensor networks and Peer-Peer networks.

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Design and evaluate the performance of wire,ess protocols of wireless networks using network simulator any one. What are the Different types of Routing Agents in mobile networking? Part A 2 Marks: What are the TDMA characteristics?

Briefly explain the different types of linear modulation techniques. What is network security? Frequency reuse, channel assignment, hand off, Interference and system capacity, tracking and grade of service, Improving Coverage and capacity in Cellular systems.

Unit V — Simulation: Define wireless sensor network. Derive the electron energy in one electron atom using wave equation 3.

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Explain in detail about Hall Effect 5. Derive and explain in detail the 2.

What are the issues in mobile networking? Define uncertainty principle of Quantum mechanics. What are the Network Components in a mobile node?

Home You are here: What are the 3 kinds of polarization? Design and evaluate the performance of various transport protocols of mobile using network simulator any one.


EC Mobile Communication Syllabus – Source Code Solutions

It also deals with the different types of equalization techniques and diversity concepts. Explain Adhoc routing protocol. Explain in detail about Reactive mobilee and Location aided routing. What is the need for Network Security? Part B 16 Marks: What is Hetero junction material? Name of the College: Evolution of mobile communications, mobile radio systems- Examples, trends in cellular radio and personal communications.

Kings Mobiel Of Engineering Department: Write the command for Creating Node movements in NS Define mobility models and briefly explain them.