15 Aug They’re living a dream, till Aveek, her gorgeeus ex-boyfriend, comes back into her life. Hold My Hand is a delightful young romance with a. A short film adapted from “Hold My Hand”. How many have you read the book? ?v=EwKPev5rTP4. : Hold My Hand (Penguin Metro Reads) (): Durjoy Datta: Books.

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For, I was like an inert gas, unlikeable and uninteractive, while she was like an alkali, combustible and excitable.

Six feet and four inches tall, he is mercifully thin with a waist that is the “envy of runway models” and excessively pampered and sheltered by his parents. I am not upset durjoy datta hold my hand the book but I felt as if this one is done in hurry to ahnd some deadline.

In the second part spilling over to Hong Kong and Deep’s chance meeting with Ahana in the hotel and exploring Hong Kong durrjoy with Ahana. Really emotional at times, the writer has balanced it well.

The first part and second part of the story are dull and slow. The narration of how Deep is being interned in Hong Kong, and his mother’s pain, his father’s toughness, his friends’ annoyance etc.


Anonymous 13 September at Ahana was still in the memories of her past; Aveek. For starters Durjoy Datta has moved on from lengthy yet catchy titles. This book is a story of a bling girl Ahana and a novice writer and a IT student Deep. I liked the character durjoy datta hold my hand Ranbeer because this is how even i wish to be with my children.

That’s his specialty though he durjoy datta hold my hand failed this time. Slow story proceeding and a low vocab are drawbacks of this book. There is no chance for the reader to get bored.


No brilliant vocabulary, no sophisticated plot, yet the story is able to create the magic. I could empathize with Ahana’s father who loves his daughter but feels helpless. Stories which are free from regular cliches and with a different tell tale for everyone. For me, Hold my Hand durjoy datta hold my hand 3 stars out of 5.

Everything you need to know about Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh satta venue! Can your relationship last with little or no sex? I am strong, I will continue to sell fish no matter rurjoy people say. His falling in love with her, her father being strict, her attachment with her ex-boyfriend who’s also blind like her etc is what this part of story needed.

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I could feel how much Deep is crazy about Ahana, and also how badly Ahana just wants to be a normal girl. Jun 21, Kashmira Gohil rated it liked it.


Oct 09, Vaidehi added it. Mar 02, VenkateshVeera rated it did not like it. Aug 27, Satvik Sharma rated it really liked it. It could have been much better.

Coming to the climax, Durjoy tried to make it surprising but it ended up being flat. Amber Rose comes out with her personal app.

Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta

An awkward young man, Deep, obsessed with libraries and books, has his dream come true when he is sent to Hong Kong by ATS Technologies to study and test the library cataloguing software durjoy datta hold my hand its head office. First two parts in the story are nothing extraordinary but the backbone of the entire book lies in its last two parts. Tuesday, August 6, Review: This bride wore the same lehenga as Karisma Kapoor wore on her roka.