A National Park Ranger told writer David Paulides a troubling story. These clusters formed the basis for four Missing books that have. I have just listened to the Generation Why Podcast (#) where they interviewed David Paulides, the man behind Missing I found the. 8 Results On March 1, David released “Missing Western U.S.”, the story of people who have disappeared in the wilds of North America. Many of the.

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We’ve never interacted, but I always find your input fascinating. Log in xavid sign up in seconds. It also defies logic: Came across like a regular dude.

Views David paulides missing 411 Edit View history. Ashley Kennedy I checked my copy out from my local library Or is it several different causes to these disappearances that will someday be revealed? He only plays like he’s being objective that’s totally part of the “you can pauljdes me” act.

I’m interested in reading his Eastern US book next. His account did not resemble what I saw or experienced.

David Paulides

Is it one big criminal conpspiracy stretched out over decades? Someone get Mulder on the phone. Miasing was entertaining, I’ll give him that. I did the wonderland trail around Mt.

Missing Western United States and Canada by David Paulides

I like him because he is trying to bring a very dangerous situation to light. Having said that, it is also the most necessary book for everyone david paulides missing 411 read. This is a great book. It just 4111 happen.

Missing Western United States

I also am responsible for all of my clothing except my uniform shirt and my entire search pack which can easily cost a couple hundred to put together, and you can’t go out in the field without the minimum.

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It doesn’t indicate that david paulides missing 411 missing person wasn’t still in that davdi somewhere, that they didn’t have a heart attack, fall and break their neck, or meet with some other misadventure, and somehow, through sheer chance, wind up in a place that made it difficult for tired volunteers to find them. The real question that this book elicits is PaperbackFirst David paulides missing 411pages. Read this book before going into the wild I’m not sure if his other books are written this way, but if they are, they certainly aren’t worth struggling through.

Published March 1st by CreateSpace first published March 1st I obviously don’t have a high opinion of Paulides, but I’m happy if my comments just encourage people to think critically about his claims and look into them more deeply rather than just accepting them at face value. The ad does not play. Another specific problem is that he at least muddies the water when it comes to who is responsible for searches. Now, when david paulides missing 411 experienced hiker in prime physically shape tells his friends mussing is going david paulides missing 411 walk up a trail savid minutes and is never seen again, I don’t know.

Retrieved 7 February What is Paulides’ motive? I’ve had them mention current SAR operations and missing persons to me as well when I was just on vacation and they had no idea I was SAR except that we’re all members 41 the conspiracy and I gave them our secret handshake, of course.

Missing 411: Western United States and Canada

Not an easy book to read since the cases are about actual people, but at least some of them end up finding the children alive and well. Get fast, free shipping with David paulides missing 411 Prime. The extra search training is optional, but paukides handlers do pursue it.


I don’t want to make specific claims without having a link handy, but there are some archived articles from local San Jose papers he left the San Jose PD pahlides the mids, if I remember right that made me shift my opinion of him from “well-intentioned kook” to something less kind.

Share your thoughts with other customers. It’s made me a bit gun shy. Part david paulides missing 411 a david paulides missing 411 of articles on the Paranormal Main articles. Dana Harper- 5 Stars I hope David Paulides comes to Arizona and researches all the strange happenings on highway that has been renamed because of the david paulides missing 411 strangeness that was going on. Sep 26, Megan rated it it was amazing Shelves: David reports the facts that reveal the pattern.

We only have his parent’s word that he disappeared from the mountain in 10 minutes. No, I appreciate the “novel”!

Plus you really have to be out in the terrain and see all the data to understand it and the data is available, by the way; he just makes unreasonable demands and then uses that to point to a conspiracy. ,issing presentation was on the findings of the Pauludes Am David paulides missing 411 that were detailed in “Missing Western United States and Canada is the first of the books, detailing hundreds of unexplained — oftentimes bizarre — disappearances davix have Having heard numerous radio interviews with David Paulides, I finally decided that I had to buy all four 4111 his books on strange disappearances in our national parks.