Dark Secret is a novel written by American author Christine Feehan. Plot introduction[edit]. Rafael De La Cruz has spent centuries hunting vampires with his. Dark Secret (The ‘Dark’ Carpathian Book 15) and millions of other books are . Dark Destiny (Dark Series) by Christine Feehan Mass Market Paperback $ Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. In what may be the most horrific of Feehan’s Dark series, Dark Secret (The ‘Dark’ Carpathian Book 15) by [Feehan, Christine . Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading.

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There was an edge of cruelty to his mouth and she had never seen such cold eyes, as if he was without a soul. Once it is safe, Rafael puts her to sleep and underground to heal. Her body may respond to him but she dark secret christine feehan not love him or know him.

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He took several deep breaths before he answered her. Run away from this book if you’re looking for an original, creative paranormal romance. Nov 26, Tessa rated it did not like it.

Rhiannon had triplets with this mage, two girls and a boy It wasn’t hostile toward Ben, but she could feel the malevolence directed at her. His face held a harsh sensuality, his eyes black and cold. After ages of loneliness, the raw desire to possess her overwhelms dark secret christine feehan very soul, driving him to claim her as his lifemate.

Then she is forced to confront the knowledge that he’s from a different species entirely. She works from dawn and past dusk doing so, running the ranch, and training dark secret christine feehan people’s horses.

We have fought centuries against the darkness. As they enter the mines, they discuss the reappearance of the Dragonseeker line and the possibility of Xavier still being alive and using his family to annihilate the Carpathians.


Dark Secret (Dark #15) read online free by Christine Feehan

Find a book you’ll love, get our newsletter Subscribe dark secret christine feehan email. Rafael De la Cruz came with his brother Nicolas to help the Chevez family, but his first sight of Colby complicates everything.

Apr 02, Susan rated zecret it was ok Shelves: Colby vows to fight them-after all she believes that they left Armando to suffer and die without so much as a letter.

Also I can’t stand to read another forced joining being sold to us as though feeehan were soul-deep love. The hero bloody rapes the heroine! Colors and emotions return to him in a rush which leaves him reeling. Romantic and sensual you are pulled into their story from the very beginning.

A low sound escaped, a groan christind despair. If you don’t like books where the men are seriously over protective, and yes, dark secret christine feehan try to be dominating notice I said try, because they DON’T totally succeedthen why the hell don’t you find some books to read that WILL please your wome So I just finished this one, and have to say the intensity has gone up a notch!

Neither was her beloved mother. Dark Secret is a novel written by American author Christine Feehan. They are tied to the Chevez family and can do nothing else but see to the protection of the family that has worked for them for centuries: The brothers moved aside as he dark secret christine feehan silently forward. She could dark secret christine feehan walked away from her siblings and lived her own life, but she stuck it out of love.

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Colby is a 22 year old that’s running her family’s ranch and raising her younger brother and sister. As far as she was concerned, the Chevez family didn’t deserve Armando and his children. Rafael was a right bastard! She recognizes that there’s a strong attraction between dark secret christine feehan and Rafael but fears Rafael especially his overpowering personality so she fights against anything with him. The reader becomes as infuriated as Colby with this confusion, keeping those stars from climbing despite the great writing.


You have to talk to them or they’re going to take you to court. Books Christine Feehan Dark Secret: The Malinovs are as powerful as the De La Cruz family and the families were once very close. She knows that there was a war between her kind she is a mage and the Carpathians. Like Natalya Shonski…who is she??? Colby’s step-father was Armando Chevez, who left the family to marry her dark secret christine feehan and was disowned for it.

The next time Raphael decides he will go and take care of it. She doesn’t even allow herself to think about a life for herself and meeting her own needs. Who will feast at this Dark Celebration? The male character Rafael chrisine the most repulsive male character yet. It will not be as easy as the dark secret christine feehan believe. Jan 06, Josey Schaub rated it did not like it. When Armando Chevez married Colby’s mother the Chevez family patriarch was displeased and disinherited Armando.

He has to “own” her? After ages of loneliness, the raw desire dark secret christine feehan possess her overwhelms his very soul, driving him to claim her as his lifemate. At this point, had Rafael not been remorseful, I would have thought he was a complete jerk.