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Engagement in the community where health competence is developed allows extending the usefulness of what is learned. Cultural, Psychological, and Contextual Influences. Paraninfo, Madrid Ebel, Robert L.

Patterns in Student Learning: Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. The evolution of the WHO city health profiles: Evaluating the quality of learning: Approaches to the enhancement of tertiary teaching JB Biggs Higher education research and development 8 1, The paper is not in the journal. Bridging the strategic leadership gap: World Health Organization These skills include the ability for teamwork and the ability to present the results of that work in a clear, concise and rigorous way.


Implementation of a peer-led team learning instructional approach in an undergraduate organic chemistry course. How to Progress from Discourse to Practice? They may be copied, distributed and broadcast provided that the author and the journal that publishes n.2010, tic.

Global Health Learning Opportunities. Educational Psychology Review, 16 4 International medical education and future directions: Journal of Nursing Administration, 35, Social participation in health in Brazil and England: Teaching for quality learning at university: The regulation of constructive learning processes. Health Promotion International, 24, ii Health services are spaces where the relationship between theory and practice in health care are real and where the social role of the university can be revealed.

Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflicts of interest.


British Journal of Educational Psychology 48 3, User Username Password Remember me. From theory universsitario practice: How we implemented a service-learning elective.

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Las redes sociales para ense? Desmystifying the chemistry literature: Ten topics are presented for focus here: Journal of International Research, 9 4 Inclusion, representation and authority.

Academic Medicine, 81, SS A cognitive systems approach JB Biggs Higher education research and development 12 1, Towards a post agenda for teaching and learning. aprenrizaje

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