31 Dec Summary: Bali Rai: (un)arranged marriage. Prologue The Prologue is about Manny’s thoughts a short time before his wedding. Manny is at the. Ranjit is a man now, working and married to a lovely girl and Bali Rai. ‘(Un) arranged Marriage’ is the story of a British Asian boy called Manjit who doesn’t. Manny is furious when his father arranges his marriage to a Sikh girl he has Bali Rai was born in and raised as a working class Punjabi in Leicester.

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Journal Entry 40 by sjr from BirminghamWest Midlands United Kingdom on Thursday, April 12, I wasn’t too sure about this book bali rai unarranged marriage the first few chapters, some of the charactors seemed a bit one dimensional especially the women.

Both have Punjabi friends, so they don’t speak English very well.

(Un)arranged Marriage | BookTrust

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He finds the ignorance and racism of his family difficult to bear, particularly as his best friend is black and he falls for a white girl. Jul 15, Alice rated bali rai unarranged marriage really liked it Shelves: Moreover, Manjit has got problems in school: You do not hear so much about boys getting arranged marriages. He came bali rai unarranged marriage India to visit his family.

I find this book amusing to read and I enjoyed Bali’s way of showing us the Punjabi way of living. You can read more of my comments here caution: The author was really good at giving the reader as much detail as possible of his family’s culture and I personally had never bali rai unarranged marriage of the Punjabi culture before.

The book is also very good because before I read the book I was thinking that it was only girls who were married against their will but that was wrong I realized when I read the book.

But that is easy to say as an outside viewer. It was very interesting to have a male bali rai unarranged marriage on it. I found this in my mail box just as I was going to visit family for the weekend.

Bali is taking the book to a new level. Ranjit already got married to a Punjabi girl called Jas.

Manny’s parents take him to India under the pretext of visiting family, but he later finds that they have returned to England without him. From my point of view the ending was to short and less serious than I wanted it bali rai unarranged marriage be.


Bali Rai has been writing short stories and poetry bali rai unarranged marriage the age of eight. Uncle Jag lives in Australia and has got a girlfriend and a daughter.

I’ll get to it after the book I’m reading at the moment. I had hoped bali rai unarranged marriage a much better end but you can not always get who you want. Since he wants to be rather British than Indian, he is the black sheep of the family. After a long trip to the village, Manny finally gets to know his father’s big family.

The second part mainly deals with the arranged marriage of Manjit. Books by Bali Rai. PM’d Lauraloo29 bali rai unarranged marriage check OK to send this on to her. Was a bit uncertain on it when I first began reading it but quickly got caught up in the story.

This book was really dai written.

(Un)arranged Marriage – Bali Rai – Google Books

His mother may as well have been absent, as he noted that she barely ever even spoke to him. I’d always heard great things, my sister is a fan and I was unarrnaged impressed when I met him on an author visit a couple of years ago. Arrived in my p. Some of it is set in the Punjab, which as I’ve been to Jalandhar, which also features made it particularly bali rai unarranged marriage to me. Bali rai unarranged marriage Entry 20 by Juliet on Wednesday, September 13, Clearly explaining the issues faced by teenagers, Bali rai unarranged marriage wondered if this was slightly autobiographical?

There is balance given to this by other members of Manny’s extended family who have much more liberal, tolerant views. After some time, Manny gets really homesick and badly wants to go back to England.

Lisa takes a year off and travels around the Matriage East. From a readers perspective it is very bali rai unarranged marriage that the book is divided into four parts, making it easier to fallow the course of the book. His first book, un arranged marriage, created a huge amount of interest and won many awards, including the Angus Book Award and the Leicester Book of the Year. Manny and his Family are Bzli living in Britain but in contrast to his family Manny does not feel very Punjabi and behaves like a native British.


We had some health problems in the family, and as usually everything comes together. It made a change to see the problems of growing up in the UK in a traditional Punjabi family from a boy’s bali rai unarranged marriage of view.

In addition, Manny does not like her too much. He gets in conflict with the police because of shoplifting, in school his grades become worse and his girlfriend is not happy about his behaviour as well.

(Un)arranged Marriage

Though, I don’t agree with his fathers drunkenness and his bali rai unarranged marriage blackmailing Ok. Because when you think about someone that is force to get married you often think about a girl. When he arrives back he realizes that his family left him alone in India hoping he will change his rebellious behaviour here. And the books subject is really modern and if you read it bali rai unarranged marriage will learn a lot about religion and arranged marriage.

The writing is so accessible, you unartanged pick it up and be sucked in within pages. This is the type of book I enjoy and I wasn’t disappointed. But on the other hand one might argue that the use of different accents throughout the novel gets annoying, especially when they are bali rai unarranged marriage for no apparent reasons and critics think that the writing is not the memorable about the novel. Received today – I’m excited to read this one, and should have it ready to send on in a couple weeks or so I have two other bookring books ahead of it.

The young-adult novel Un arranged Bali rai unarranged marriage is the first novel by English author Bali Raipublished in Bali Rai started to write this novel when he was 28 and by reading un arranged marriageit can be figured out that there are some parallels between Manny’s story of marrizge and the one of the author unarranhed. May 04, Kirsty Grant rated it really liked it.