Here it finally is! SN Battle Reports first of four in our long awaited Badab War Campaign! The Betrayal at Grief!. The Badab War was a major rebellion in the Imperium’s history, led by Lugft Huron and the Astral Claws. He first conquered the Badab Sector. Posts about BADAB WAR CAMPAIGN written by doublek

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This force was to include the fleet-based Lamenters and Charnel Guard Chapters to patrol the outer regions, and also incorporated the Mantis Warriors who were based in the nearby Endymion Cluster. You kind of have to feel sorry for Steven: Secessionists start unless loyalists steal the initiative.

Thousands of heretics fell within the opening minutes of the battle as Whirlwind launchers, Destructor pattern Predators and the ordered ranks of the Salamanders let loose with a salvo at almost point blank range.

The Minotaurs immediately dispatched a rapid strike force to attack the vessel and succeeded in catching it and crippling its main drives, preventing it from fleeing the system.

Badab War – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

This would effectively weaken the Secessionists’ grip on the system. Eventually bereft of numbers and worn down by the brutal assaults of the Loyalist Chapter, the Mantis Warriors surrendered. Attempting to set a trap upon the Mantis Warrior-protected world of Iblisthe Fire Hawks were refused, with both the Mantis Warriors and the Astral Claws choosing instead to seize the border-world of Sagansecuring resources and warp-routes further into the Zone.

The loyalists moved to intercept, the Sons of Medusa taking the lead backed up by a newly arrived company of the Exorcists. A bitter struggle then erupted between the Astral Claws and Star Phantoms as they vied for control of the palace while the fleet in orbit traded fire with the defense lasers and missile silos of Huron’s stronghold.

After campalgn establishment, a detachment of an Imperial Navy squadron were permanently campaigb to the region to conduct search and destroy and convoy protection duties.

Though Inquisitor Frain had theoretical command of the forces prosecuting the Legatine Mission’s orders on behalf of the High Lords, the overall tactical command of the unified Loyalist Space Marines forces fell to Lord High-Commander Verant Ortys of the Red Scorpions, as Magister Militum; a “first amongst equals” in the commanders of the other Space Marine contingents.

The Astral Claws’ hubris resulted in their Chapter secretly absorbing the remnants of their long-lost Successor Chapter into their ranks and ultimately led to Lufgt Huron’s dreams of expanding his Chapter into a force with the strength of one of the Space Marine Legions of antiquity, in order to pacify the Maelstrom permanently and crush Mankind’s enemies. Some Imperial scholars contend that when the last remaining Tiger Claws survivors were taken into the Astral Claws midst, these once-loyal brothers grasped a poisonous viper to their hearts, thus causing them to eventually fall from grace.

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They identified their Chapter as the Carcharodons Astrausing the ancient High Gothic form of their name, also known as the Carcharodons or the “Space Sharks” in Low Gothicand formally requested the Loyalists’ acceptance and permission to enter the war zone and draw blood. The Salamanders refused, while the Inquisition kept arguing with them, knowing they were bros with the Executioners and the nicest chapter around.

Eventually the Mantis Warriors, who made their home in the Tranquility system, were forced to intervene, but this played directly into the Carcharodons’ plans. The unidentified Space Marine force had come to offer its aid to the Loyalist cause against the Secessionists, claiming to have come in answer to a summons from Terra itself.

In his subsequent pronouncement, he echoed the example and precedents of the sovereign realm of Ultramar and the Warder’s charter. This resulted in the heaviest naval engagement of the war to date, resulting in the indecisive Battle of Silent Reach in early The Lamenters were forced to defend their Chapter Barque at all costs, as it contained both their recovering battle casualties campaogn well as their precious resource of gene-seed.

They informed the Loyalist command that there had indeed been an increase in slave raids of nearby systems of human corsair ships led by an Astral Claw strike cruiser identified as the Hyrcania.

The only Imperial body prepared to get involved in what was to most still seen as an internal Administratum matter concerning the correct procedure for gathering the tithes of Badab. In the years following the Horus HeresyPrimarch Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines Space Marine Legion decided that the inhabitants of the Maelstrom were too great a threat to the shaky stability of the recovering Imperium to ignore, and ordered the surrounding regions reinforced in an effort to contain any attacks that might originate from within.

Taking council with his fellow Campzign Marine commanders, it was the leader of the Salamanders contingent, the old and famed warrior, Pellas Mir’san who offered baadb solution to the events on Lamptan. The liberation of Surngraad marked a turning point campzign the war, as the Loyalists began to drive a potential wedge down the middle of the Secessionist worlds. In the past, the Fire Hawks Chapter had used the vast orbital dockyards of the Karthan capital world of Sidon Ultra for resupply.


The Terran Legates quickly pronounced that the Badab Secession to be a matter of the Imperium’s security rather than a civil conflict. For at least a hundred years before the outbreak of the conflict, the Astral Claws secretly attempted to transform their Chapter slowly into a force equal to a Space Marine Legion of old.

M41 with some acrimony attached to their departure. Notably, Huron’s document promised that he and the Warders would continue their holy work of guarding the Maelstrom Zone from anti-Imperial threats. Imperial Navy escort search-and-destroy squadrons were dispatched to the area to quell these attacks so that the Secessionists would not be able to exploit the opportunity to start a new battle front on the Loyalists’ flank.

Badab War: End of the Beginning

Campaibn unique among wars in that almost all fights were between Space Marineswith few Guardsmen traitor or otherwise in sight. The Minotaurs had come in answer to the direct summons from the acting Legate Inquisitor for more Space Marines to join the Loyalist cause against the Secessionist Chapters.

In the aftermath, the Star Phantoms became the new rulers of the Badab Sector. The Executioners fell in force upon the locations defended by the Howling Griffons and inflicted tremendous casualties upon the loyalist chapter – so much so that it was suggested that the Griffons retire from the campaign, a suggestion they resisted until the year He then further compounded this sin by seeking to expand his own forces far past the levels mandated by the Codex Astartes.

This explained why the Astral Claws appeared able to take losses but not lose their fighting strength. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Tyberos even submitted himself for psychic probing and gene-sampling. The power of this Chapter quickly proved a decisive weight in the Loyalist’s favour regardless of its brutal methods. Tracking down their Chapter BarqueMater Lacrimarumthey provoked the Lamenters into rushing to its defense