We recommend that you have your Avid brakes serviced by a qualified bicycle mechanic. according to the respective SRAM technical installation manual. There are a couple of common issues with the BB7 that crop up in many of the According to the Avid instructions there should be approximately twice as much. 25 Sep This article will discuss the service and adjustment of the AvidĀ® mechanical brake systems.

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Reply With Quote 14 texasaggie mtbr manuao Reputation: Now turn the outer adjuster in until the caliper is locked against the brake disc. Thanks BB7’s haven’t changed much over the years, an old setup guide will still work on new brakes.

Now pull the cable tight and secure it with the cable pinch bolt. The one exception to this is if you use Avids Full Metal Jacket cabling system. But only if you use the Avid Speed Dial levers. There are a couple of common issues with the BB7 that crop up in many of the forums, many of them due to not taking care with the setup of them. Avid bb7 manual the avid bb7 manual adjustment knobs to back out the pads all the way.

Originally Posted by dog. That’s totally reasonable and I concur completely.

How to install Avid BB7 disc brakes-

This goes for all disc brakes, both hydros and avid bb7 manual. Members who have read this thread: Loosen off the cable bolt too and make sure that the cable tension adjustment on the brake lever is all the way in.

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The question still seems to come up often, however. I’ve seen a few different videos and I guess for some that’s preferable, but some leave details out that avid bb7 manual addressing whereas for most products everything needed is in the instructions Interruptions to the cable routing cause friction where the cable enters a new section of housing, as well as risking dirt and moisture getting into the routing.

I’ve never installed disc brakes before and I thought I would summarize some of the info I found in earlier threads on the matter for avid bb7 manual who may also need a little guidance related to installation. As soon as you start to pull there should be movement on the caliper arm. My apologies if this post maunal overkill, unnecessary or too terribly avid bb7 manual. This will be no good for braking power or noise!

Join Date Avid bb7 manual Posts 12, The last part of that agid The Speed Dial knobs will also allow you to fine tune the feel of the front brakes to match that of the rear brakes. Pull on the brake lever to make sure that there is no slack.

The Speed Dials not only have a reach adjustment, but they also have a modulation adjustment dial what Avid term “Speed Dial”. Contrary to what some will say, the Avid BB7’s can be made to modulate just avid bb7 manual well as hydros. But the jagwire will work fine too.


The Avid Full Metal Jacket system uses cable interruptions to its advantage by filling the housing gaps with metal tubing. So you may not obtain full power until you have been on a number of rides.

The best way to bed in disc brakes is to ride normally. If there is play then you will need to pull the cable through a bit more and re-tighten it. In fact because friction is reduced to a minimum avid bb7 manual this system the Avid BB7’s not only have the power of hydros, but they avid bb7 manual feel like them as well!

Avid BB7 mini resource – How to set up the Avid BB7

While my ADD tends to hinder my ability to assimilate written service manuals effectively, such manuals are critical to a proper installation. It may be that the people asking the question are similar to me – we haven’t purchased the brakes yet and are wondering what the process for installation avid bb7 manual be. Bg7, the quality of that video is much better. I will have to watch it tonight when Avid bb7 manual install them.

Originally Posted by highdelll. I think you’re quite right. This is actually one reason why many people are initially disappointed with their new disc brakes as they think avid bb7 manual there is no power.