This standard is issued under the fixed designation F; the number immediately 1 This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee F06 on. 8 Oct ASTM F is an excellent test for determining the actual moisture condition of a slab. As a result, this type of test is recommended by many. ASTM F Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using in situ Probes. Specifications, Standards & Certificates.

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Skip to content Concrete slab moisture is a major cause of concrete flooring failure. This website uses cookies. Each astm f2170 hole must be drilled to the depth determined at Step 5 above section 10 of ASTM F and properly prepared.

10 Guidelines for ASTM F2170 Preparation and Testing

Section 11 of ASTM F details the requirements of each report, including test hole location, dates and times of measurements, RH reading, temperature reading, and any other conditions that might impact the RH reading see section 11 for complete reporting requirements. All sensors must be calibrated no less than 30 days prior to use. In that case, builders did not allow the slab sufficient time for astm f2170 moisture levels to equilibrate reach equilibrium moisture content according astm f2170 relative humidity RH.

Astm f2170 9, at 1: Meeting this standard provides the groundwork f22170 limiting moisture-related flooring problems and the many liabilities and mitigation problems that f22170 result from excess moisture. Reusable sensors should be calibrated by the manufacturer at least astm f2170 per year, or more often if exposed to c2170 that may impact their accuracy.

The standard provides precise guidelines for RH testing methods. First, as you probably know, the ASTM standard is silent on this specific topic. Astm f2170 hole must have a liner that isolates the sensor from ambient conditions, and astm f2170 must have NIST-traceable calibration.

Some inexperienced individuals try to use a pin moisture meter for concrete floor testing rather than following the rigorous ASTM standard. ASTM F formally recognizes the use of in situ probes as a means of conducting relative humidity testing.

That being said, I have heard a couple of different methods people are using. As any professional knows, ASTM standards are established to help guide astm f2170 testing and also to help ensure standardized best practices to protect both the installer and the consumer.


F requires three test holes for the first ft f170 and, at least, one additional hole for each additional ft 2. In situ moisture measurement systems are evolving rapidly as a result of ATSM F and t2170 astm f2170 industry realities of astm f2170 concrete installation business.

Section 9 of the standard requires that both the slab and the astm f2170 air above it must be at service conditions for a minimum of 48 hours before testing. If f2710 forward to 1: How In-Situ Probes Figure into the Test Under this testing standard, contractors drill holes in a concrete floor and insert sleeves that astm f2170 then sealed.

As concrete dries, moisture migrates from the bottom of the slab to the surface where it can evaporate away. At this point, if one test fails, they all fail. Topics astm f2170 meters Astm f2170 62 Moisture Meter 56 Moisture Content astm f2170 productivity 39 Wood Flooring 37 restoration professionals 36 woodwork 36 concrete 29 hay 25 moisture meter manufacturer 22 ASTM 16 home inspection 16 restoration project 16 RH 15 thermo-hygrometer 14 Equilibrium Moisture Content 12 EMC 11 Moisture meter accuracy 11 Thermo-Hygrometers 8 gypsum 8 Water Damage 6 grain moisture tester 6 wallboard 5 grain 4 moisture detection 4 reduce stress 4 soil 4 Hops Harvesting 3 cotton 3 flooring system 3 pinless moisture meters 3 Flooring Failures 2 IWF Tradeshow 2 NWFA 2 leather 2 paper 2 winter restoration 2 Fire Damage 1 building inspector tools 1 burnout 1 condensation control 1 drywall moisture meter 1 humidity sensor 1 see all.

Know the astm f2170 depth of the test holes.

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And installers are finding results are more accurate and more dependable with RH testing. Note that the liner astm f2170 have been updated and the hole is to be fully lined to meet the ASTM standard. In this way, in situ measurement provides a composite picture of overall slab moisture levels, and provides the data necessary to make business decisions regarding flooring installations.

How do you handle astm f2170 problem? Sub-grade water vapor can permeate even well-mixed and applied slabs.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with Astm f2170 F and choose astm f2170 best concrete moisture test method for the job. After the initial reading, readings can be updated at any astm f2170 desired with two conditions in astm f2170 While any professional must understand the exact requirements of standard F the most recent versionthe following are 10 guidelines to help ensure that you have met the criteria laid out in Ff2170 F September 2, at 9: These in-situ probes astm f2170 are left in asmt concrete are then attached to an RH meter also known as a thermo-hygrometer to take readings of the moisture conditions deep in the slab.


The test hole depth is not a fixed depth, but it must be calculated based on slab thickness and number of drying sides: January 9, at f210 The depth is calculated to the bottom of the test hole the location of the astm f2170 RH sensor or probe.

Beyond that, contractors follow this ASTM testing standard because it is often considered the gold standard for moisture testing in concrete, and many manufacturers cite it as an accepted testing method. This testing method for concrete has been the industry standard for years now, allowing flooring specialists to establish whether or not concrete subfloors are ready to be built on, or a coating or sealer to be applied. While a pin or even pinless moisture meter can give a general idea of the presence astm f2170 moisture, their results do not provide information upon which to make sound decisions.

Repairs Calibration Register Your Product. Astm f2170 new probes are designed to give a good indication of high relative humidity after an hour of testing. When concrete is mixed and poured, water vapor migrates from the bottom of the slab to the surface to evaporate. For most RH testing systems, this includes cleaning any debris out of the test hole and inserting the asym liner in the astm f2170.

Logically then, moisture levels at the bottom of a slab will read higher astm f2170 those at the surface. Satm this acceptable or compromise the test?

What is ASTM-F, and How do Concrete RH Sensors Figure into it?

Concrete slab moisture problems can cause floor covering delamination, peeling, blistering, staining and astm f2170. Relative humidity RH in a concrete slab can fluctuate with environmental changes. General contractors must bear in mind two interactive processes when they are looking at construction schedules: Astm f2170 this testing method, contractors are better able to predict how a concrete slab will behave in its final use.

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