Introduction: Bacon’s fame as a writer depends most of all on the fact that he is the father of modern English prose. He evolved a prose style that. Get an answer for ‘What examples of Francis Bacon’s aphoristic style can be seen in his and find homework help for other Francis Bacon questions at eNotes. Get an answer for ‘Examine the aphoristic style in Bacon’s essays.’ and find homework help for other Francis Bacon questions at eNotes.

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There is a terseness of expression, and an epigrammatic brevity, in the essays of Bacon. In Bacon we find a style which is distinct and at the same time characteristic of his age. What is the style of writing an academic? Dolours painplausible praiseworthy ; foreseen provided ; creature frzncis tiling are just a few examples of Latinisms.

Your Mobile has been activated successfully. He expresses his subtle thought through a very simple and clear language. Essays not quite dispersed meditations: Yet at times this very condensation leads to a certain obscurity, though it is so in very few cases.

Bacon’s prose style.

But what fracis most remarkable about this style is its terseness and brevity, the compact and condensed structure of sentences expressing the deepest thoughts in an economy of language.

His language has the terseness of expression and epigrammatic shortness. Bacon thus employs allusions and quotations in order to explain his point.

We may wish to disagree these paints. He weighs the pros and cons of a statement and immediately counter-balances it.

There was no attempt polishing the style or clothing the statements with literary beauty or imaginative grace.


An epigrammatic and aphoristic style of Bacon – Khadimsubhpoto Blog –

The essay, Of Empire, abounds in this kind of allusions, hi the essay, Of friendship, a string of historical allusions are given in support of his argument. Thus, after comparing truth of a pearl, and a lie to a diamond, he effectively compresses the meaning or sense of that analogy into the striking sentence: Many sentences in his essays are like proverbs, which can be quoted to give weight to the arguments.

Post a Comment Please leave your comments! His essays show some of the finest feats of compression. For instance, it would be difficult to get the meaning of the following pithy sentence from the essay, Of Truth:.

He owes his success to 1 strategy. Though, his style is heavy with learning, yet it is more flexible than any of his predecessors and contemporaries. Almost every sentence in his essays is pregnant with meaning. Other essays too exhibit this quality: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

That is to say aphogistic one single sentence does the job of a paragraph. He can say that most in the fewest words. Very nice tips on this.

Aphoristic style of Bacon

Click here to sign up. He scrupulously presents the advantages and the disadvantages of a particular issue; he gives both sides of the picture. An aphoristic style means a compact and epigrammatic style of writing. At times the quotations are rather inaccurate, made to be more serviceable to him than the exact words would have been. In matter of style Francis Bacon is professedly a Senecan.

It is dignified and aphoristic style. In prose rhetoric, in the use, that is to say, of language to dazzle and persuade, not to convince. Well judging by the dictionary meaning,it can be said as short and to the point way of writing.


In the earlier essays, Bacon treated the subject in a very sketchy and incomplete manner. It is a strange desire to seek power and lose liberty: What defines the writing style of TobyMac? The essay, Of Great Place, also contains a number of pithy sentences. Each advantage is properly handled and ideas are developed smoothly.

With him, English prose definitely took a long leap forward. The sentences are pregnant with meaning. There are some essays francks end with such aphoristic sentences too. The style of Bacon is not the personal and aphorishic style of the subjective essayist like Montaigne and Lamb. It tells us how on his way to the fair he was attracted by various things such as toys, sweetmeat, balloons and birds, butterflies and flowers.

There is a constant use of imagery and figurative language in Bacon, especially in his later essays. Francis Bacon is aphodistic recognized as the first great writer of English philosophy although he had no great respect for the English language.

The rising unto place is laborious, and by pains men come to greater pains. For example in Of Death Bacon says: His sentences are brief and rapid, but they are also forceful.