9 Feb Arcana Exxet introduces rules for these rituals, along with many books of magic, Set in the fantasy world of Gaïa, Anima: Beyond Fantasy is a. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Anima RPG: Arcana Exxet – Secrets of the Supernatural at Read honest and unbiased. I’ve been looking all over the internet for a couple weeks now. It’s the only book I need to complete my collection. I’m guessing no one here.

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Hearing a loud noise is another one of those where it doesn’t really make sense. I’ve got a couple places willing to keep an eye out for me, but I’m not holding my breath: The maximum weight that can be manipulated is exxwt by the difficulty reached.

We regularly but not necessarily weekly post a Weekly-Sticky, an event where everyone is invited to contribute, as long as they abide by the rules. If you have that Pattern, you cannot choose its opposite. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Learn about the invisible counterpart to the physical world and better understand the ultimate supernatural force of Gaia by perusing books of magic, including grimoires full of powerful spells.

When you hit level 4 it’s a guaranteed which i think is way more than the average roll. The Barefoot Investor Scott Pape. Not all mentalists who are cowards, for example, have a Mental Pattern of cowardice, only those who actually allow it to influence their behavior gain its powers. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Similarly, the character must overcome a difficulty 18 Will Control check if he wants to try to kill someone. It is necessary to know the place he intends to aecana to and it cannot be done within solid matter; if tried, the psychic is automatically unconscious in a random location determined by the GM near the site where he intended to go. Maybe we could houserule the scale? Additionally, the world of Anima combines those elements with traditional Western fantasy ones, such as magic and medieval arms.

An english copy of arcana exxet is more rare than gold. Collector’s Edition Leigh Bardugo. Furthermore, if the character is actually considered endangered, the Fear status effect applies to any action other than to escaping combat. Posted August 13, Each time, the topic will change, but it is usually a character, monster or artefact creation, or a discussion about a exxer subject, or even a vote-war … Tell us what you’d like to see as a Weekly-Sticky on this google docor just participate in the event!


Anima RPG: Arcana Exxet – Secrets of the Supernatural : Fantasy Flight Games :

There’s no rhyme or reason to the progression and the increase from inhuman to zen is completely ridiculous. In case of failure, the character gains an All Action Penalty equal to the level of failure that is recovered at the rate of 5 points a day. Its main feature is its inability to link to other beings or try to understand them. Light This discipline allows the psychic to control light and reflective materials.

This applies to any power which does not have a concrete shape which affects directly and exclusively the mentalist. The psychic uses magnetic manipulation to create a gravitational field accelerator tunnel, hurtling metal objects with a disproportionate force.

Your projection, if you make sure to hit each of the spheres on exactly the level you can get them is only slightly higher than what a heavily optimised character would hit on an average roll, which IS good, but if you run into a specialised character who’s maxed out in the opposing ability and is using an ability to increase his ability, your odds of being on the losing end of a roll-off go up by quite a margin.


Introversion The mentalists who develop the Pattern Introversion are facilitated in their efforts to use their mental powers to affect themselves. Their matrices are rounded and filled with warm colors.

Submit a new text post. Or just chapter 8? However, solitude affects them very negatively. We can notify you when this item is back in stock. I live in the U. Predetermined Projection might be a little too good. Anima was significantly inspired by Japanese roleplaying video games such as Final Fantasy and Suikoden, and features manga-like art, Eastern concepts of honor codes, mysticism and martial arts. In higher grades, this can interfere with the unnaturalness involved in using magic and invocation, so those who are within the area affected by this power suffer an automatic negative to their skills determined by the potential reached.

This Power affects a specific area, defined by the difficulty of Power. To be fair i always found mage and hybrid mage class are worst in this aspect to be extremely annoying to build because you have to spend so much on the 3 actually useful skill for a mage.


Tells how to improve power, depending on the Difficulty reached with their Psychic Potential. It could blow up an object with electricity, or cause it to dissipate, and even alter the direction of a lightning bolt using his Psychic Projection.

Depending on how strong be the link is, he reaches closer to achieve the best results, so the Psychic stops rolling dice for any Skill or Control Checks, always getting a value determined by the Difficulty of the Power. There is a metamagic power p 24 who allow you to chose a predetermined result by using a little zeon. Yeah, Arcana Exxet is for those who are not Ki users.

Posted August 15, You need to know the place that you aim to relocate to and it cannot be done within the solid objects; if trying, the psychic appears unconscious at a random location determined by the GM near the place where he intended to go.

Makes the entire area into a single point, allowing the observation of huge areas of land from “all angles” at once. Each time, the topic will change, but it is usually a character, monster or artefact creation, or a discussion about a proposed subject, or even a vote-war … Tell us what you’d like to see as a Weekly-Sticky on this google docor just participate in the event! The more likely something is able to happen, the easier it is for the Mentalist to cause it to become reality.

This Power requires no maintenance as it is at the moment which it is first arcaana that the Psychic determines the type of climate he would like to create. They can be sympathetic and sensible in appearance, but will not hesitate to commit a crime when it suits them, without feeling the slightest guilt for it.

This power allows the character to use his Psychic Projection like the Dodge Ability. Sign In Sign Up. However, using the laser in this way decreased the Base Damage and AT Penetration of the attack by half. This roll has a difficulty indicated by the result of the Psychic Potential generated by the Aleph. Distration and duress seem like situational modifiers though, not exxdt a reason to roll, I dunno.