Tom Apostol Calculus Vol 1. uploaded by. uploader avatar mbodochi · Geometry Serge Lang. uploaded by. uploader avatar Marcelo Alejandro Lopez Zambrano. Unlike the rest of Lang’s books, which he has written in order for he enough ( the real mathematician’s answer of course, is that you go to the. The purpose of a first course in calculus is to teach the student the basic notions of derivative and integral, and the basic techniques and applica- tions which.

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Unlike a first course in calculus serge lang rest of Lang’s books, which he has written in order for he himself to learn the subject in question and which books concern themselves with mathematics of significantly higher levelhis Calculus books were written explicitly with the student in mind. Lang’s book is great and I heartily recommend it. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

A first course in calculus – Serge Lang – Google Books

None of us knows what your course covers. And one of my friends told me that the Serge Lang’s two calculus books are good, not only because a first course in calculus serge lang reasonable price to afford, but there’re more proofs and, so to speak, more maths-major books. Xingdong 1 13 I posted some fairly positive comments about Lang’s Calculus of Several Variables text in this 21 January Math Forum archived post. So I want to know whether it’s fine for me to use these two as my calculus textbooks before the analysis course next year?

Would it be fine to use Serge Lang’s two Calculus books as textbooks for freshman as Maths major?


It doesn’t matter which book you use. A Complete Course by Robert A. Such questions should be directed to those employed by the institution in question, or other qualified individuals who know your specific circumstances.

If you’re asking whether Lang’s book is good instead of ‘is it good to use in this particular course? Mathematics Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. The only reason you need a specific book is if you need to get problems out of it. Thank you for your interest in this question. I’m a freshman in Maths major, but the recommanded textbook Calculus: Many other textbooks either sacrifice ideas and intuition for logical formalism Spivak’s book is in fact an analysis book in disguise, I believe, so it’s not even playing the same gameor they eschew a rigorous and careful treatment of ideas because the authors make no distinction between math being simple and a first course in calculus serge lang being easy.

Serge Lang: “A first course in calculus”

Questions about choosing a course, academic program, career path, etc. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. Renfro Aug 2 calculuus at In fact, too often I see Spivak’s name mentioned and suggested to students who, from my point a first course in calculus serge lang view, would much more benefit from different types of treatments of the Calculus such as the one Lang’s offers.

Joe 3, 3 23 Which book did the prof.

This question appears to be off-topic. Its intended audience consists of serious students who want to learn, but don’t necessarily have a lot fo experience with mathematics: But so, to answer your question, if you want to acquire a good understanding of Calculus, Lang will give you it, and may even give you a better one than other textbooks, if you read him closely enough the real mathematician’s answer of course, is that you go to the library and check out and read several books on Calculus to get an idea of the various perspectives since no one textbook is perfect, though in my eyes Lang’s as close to perfect as we have.


What this a first course in calculus serge lang is that it at a first course in calculus serge lang his single-variable book; I haven’t read the multi one is the most well-arranged and pedagogically sane book on Calculus I’ve come across. You’ll learn more if you put in more work and less if you put in less work, regardless of the book you use.

Goodreads is over capacity.

Try also to find a ccalculus copy of Spivak’s Calculus. If you have a friend who has the book and will let you look at the problems, then you can use whatever book you want. Why don’t you ask your professor? Vladimir Sotirov 8, 1 18 Would a first course in calculus serge lang like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Is your teacher going to assign problems out of the book? The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: If you want to see more proofs, I’m sure Serge will help you out.

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